By Gabe Zichermann, Christopher Cunningham Whether you’re an executive, developer, producer, or product specialist, Gamification by Design will show you . Gamification by Design has ratings and 40 reviews. د.أمجد said: إذا أردت أن تطبق مبادئ الألعابGamificationعلى مشروعك أو عملكفهذا الكتاب هو المكان. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Gabe Zichermann and others published Gamification by Design: Implementing Game Mechanics in Web .

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Similarly it is not a rallying cry to go out and become a games company. But people change pretty slowly. Computers will very soon be as smart as people, he continues. The most important one of all: Beneficial in product design. For somebody like myself who’s run informational websites for years, but has always struggled to keep user engaged I got a ton our of this book.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. I suspect Gabe will make more money. I am happy to continue the discussion on these matters, as I agree it will be a teachable moment for all. Lucid without being incandescent.

Jan 02, Tbueno rated it liked it. It was actually visible on an MRI! I have found a book that explains the mechanics behind gamification.

A brief history of gamification Games everywhere: To ask other readers questions about Gamification by Designplease sign up. Mar 10, Rolandas Razma rated it it was amazing.


Gamification By Design: Designing For Engagement Part I

But what use is a good summary of flawed thinking? Good books for summarizing gamified techniques. Incentive, challenge, achievement, feedback and zichemrann back again until the thing is mastered. What kind of leaderboards exist?

Now I have nothing against studying or deploying customer loyalty and employee rewards programs, long practiced and promoted in marketing and human resources by bodies like the Enterprise Engagement Alliance — I just hope that the people doing it take notice of what psychology has learned in the past decades about human motivation.

It give you some basic inofrmation but it doesn’t really help you out with much advice on how to implement the details for your gamified solution. The old adage to keep in mind is that, for better or worse, one gets the behaviour one rewards. As a pragmatist myself, nothing could be further from where I stand.

On the other hand the innovative “Speed Camera Lottery” which distributes a portion of the fines of speeders amongst those who drive safely within the limit seems plaudible for it’s effectiveness albeit gaudy and an eyesore.

A great read for those who are actually tasked with embedding these hooks gamificaation your app A great toolkit that walks you through available tools to code hooks or use APIs to include loyalty modules. Research holds enormous values for practical business decisions, and in my past presentations on the topic, I have always tried to demonstrate that connection to desgn business cases.


Gamification by Design – O’Reilly Media

The attraction of farmville and foursquare escapes me, and the ecofeedback used in the Ford Fusion showing a thriving or wilting plant based on carbon emissions seems to be both overly simplified and paternalistic. For instance, as I also noted in the review, research reliably shows that overall, men prefer competitive situations much more than women do. Feb 09, Damion Paul Hart rated it liked it. And yes, one can find inspiration for talking about loops and virality from other sources.

These and many other brands use gamification to deliver a sticky, viral, and engaging experience to their customers. It looks like huge exponential change.

Mar 23, Zichermamn rated it liked it. Quite useful guideline for those, who wish to implement gamification on their web resources. The book was ok, but not as informative as I would have liked it to be.