Freedom of Choice. Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, ISBN 0 0 7 – e-book edition (PDF file ). The Freedom of Choice Thomas J Chalko. 6 likes. Book. The Freedom of Choice Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, lacks EVERYTHING ” Melbourne, Australia,

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The Freedom thomzs Choice 99 The fact of continuation of consciousness beyond one lifetime, proven earlier in this book, is a very logical explanation. Chalko Have you ever wondered WHY you cannot work indefinitely long without rest? The aim of this exercise is to learn to use each eye separately and create the combined image from two individual images in your mind.

Otherwise we give others a means of controlling our mind by telepathically transmitting us our own mantra.

For that reason, sending the message of Love is the wisest option. A typical response was as follows: Other people can help with explanations, but ultimately everyone has to achieve the understanding individually. Try to ask them a question that will best provoke them to examine their own point of view. Only after all the above discoveries within myself I started to recognize other people as Individual Intellects with I I nlim ited Potential. You need to develop yours.

Worshipping can occur only when we suppress and actively sabotage the individual intellect. The design process started as a very intelligently designed disturbance of the Nothing [20] – as an immense explosion conducted by The Intellect.


Following advice of those who demonstrate complete lack of understanding, flocks of people start worshipping and celebrating other people, statues, furniture, pieces of clothes with blood on it, or even tools of torture.

Why does student motivation completely disappear after the first semester?

If it was – we would be teaching monkeys and chickens at Universities. We can continue as we are — without any awareness of the Grand Plan of the Universe. Do you rea li ze that actions that follow freefom motives directly violate the Purpose of the Universe? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Freedom of Choice

In order to experience True Love – the autonomy of individual intellects cannot be in any way compromised. I loved it so much that I translated it into my mother tongue Gujarati and is available to read for free. Be the first to hcalko a question about The Freedom of Choice.

Most likely consequence is that they would need to repeat such a test many times cnalko until they understand. Let me quote a question from a bri ll iant discussion at the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences. Let me answer you with a question: The final result was that the other person misunderstood you completely. What would happen to your own intellect if you decided NOT to use it at all? The dog may even piss on it.

Jun 13, Amitt Parikh rated choiec it was amazing. We become more sensitive and perceptive. Does it suppress development of Individual Intellects? Have you encountered such a temptation yourself? Both, composing and perceiving harmony are functions of intellect.


The freedom of choice / Thomas J. Chalko | National Library of Australia

One of our first conclusion in this book was that Intellect has to exist before our physical bodies can live. If you can meet the challenge, even to a lim ited extent, you will know for SURE your place and perspectives in the Universe. Hence it is a part of Lhiversal Law – a set freedoj principles that apply across the entire Universe [1]. To ask other readers questions about The Freedom of Choiceplease sign up. Suppose that one person gives you a poison, explaining clearly what it is. It b very reasonable to assume, that it used its Great Intelligence to maximize the possibility of receiving Love.

I agree, that we do not perceive everything at the moment. So, if the probability of a house creating itself is zero, the probability of Life creating itself is even less!!!

Hence, money and the materialistic attitude associated with it is one of the most serious dangers for the Individual Intellect that can severely cripple its evolution. The Freedom of Choice Understanding is everything What we experience in life is only relevant if we understand what is going on and why.