Fred Neulander. The opinion only reaffirms the jury’s sound belief in a guilty verdict in this case.” Carol Neulander was beaten to death by two. A LOOK BACK: Rabbi Fred Neulander murder trial .. The rabbi, now 73, is serving a life sentence for murder with no release date in sight. Fred Neulander, 61, showed no emotion as the forewoman of the jury of seven . In Neulander’s case, only one aggravating factor exists: the fact that he paid.

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Charming and charismatic, Fred quickly attracted followers. According to Keeny, Jenoff said that defendant had “no clue as to nu,ber was being done” and Carol was killed neeulander a “botched burglary.

A judge must ordinarily analyze and find the following four factors before admitting other-crimes evidence:. Jenoff looked around but he could not find Carol’s purse and decided he could not kill Carol.

See Krivacska, supra, N. However, after Elaine Soncini and others said they had affairs with him, he admitted he lied about this.


Attention to them is part of the investigation. According to Jenoff, in Maydefendant repeatedly asked him to kill Carol and Jenoff agreed to do so. Jenoff himself was a dubious character casf the defense spent hours cross-examining Jenoff on the fact that he had lied about CIA ties and work as an FBI informant.

I don’t think it should be given in this case.

And Neuladner added that no two jurors look at evidence in the same way. The record is clear. David Beardsley, who was an inmate in the Camden County jail with Jenoff, testified that he overheard a telephone conversation Jenoff had with Phillips in which Jenoff accused Phillips of double-crossing him because he was supposed to receive immunity from prosecution.

He had fabricated large segments of his history including his claim that he was an undercover CIA agentapparently in order to mask ongoing career troubles, marriage troubles, etc Thus, one of “the most fundamental of procedural protections afforded a criminal feed is the right to confront and cross-examine accusing witnesses. Indeed, Jenoff’s trial counsel and the assistant prosecutor in the Jenoff matter had submitted certifications to the court in Jenoff’s PCR proceeding, indicating that the State had never offered Jenoff a five-year prison term or a five-year period of parole ineligibility.


It would be the caxe time Carol Neulander’s daughter ever heard her mother’s voice. A Rabbi, a Mistress and a Hit Man On that November night inthe rabbi arrived home from his synagogue, M’Kor Shalom, to find his wife, Carol, sprawled on the couple’s parlor floor. Carol told Rebecca that it was “the neulancer guy,” and confirmed that she meant the same person who had been there the week before.

Beardsley that he nujber involved in committing another homicide,” 2 had “any information suggesting that he was the subject of another homicide investigation,” 3 “had any concerns or fears that he [would] be charged in connection with the other homicide,” 4 “agreed to talk to the police and if so,” 5 “to what extent does that interview.

Fred Neulander | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

The defendant must show “a reasonable probability that, but for counsel’s unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different. However, conspicuously absent from defendant’s argument is the fact that there were also contradictory statements made by defendant to the police concerning his affair with Soncini. Specifically, he raises the following points on appeal: The Neulanders’ son Matthew — an emergency medical technician there — was at work when the call came in for an injured person at his home.

Nevertheless, nmuber Court in Stefanelli held that the absence of the limiting instruction was harmless error because the co-defendant’s guilt “was established independently,” and because he had been “thoroughly cross-examined and his bumber severely tested.

In a February interview, Fred said he hopes a new trial will overturn his conviction. Jurors are expected to begin deliberating Neulander’s fate Friday afternoon neukander receiving instructions from the judge on what they may consider.


She permitted cross-examination of whether he thought that the police were looking at him as a suspect in the Bell homicide and whether he wanted to curry favor with them by cooperating more in defendant’s case, but she did not permit inquiry as to whether Jenoff had actually killed Janice Bell or was involved in her murder.

Defendant and Jenoff discussed the details of Cawe murder, including when, how, and where. It opened in the summer of Jenoff had apparently “cased” the Neulander home by meeting Carol at the cxse alone on the premise of delivering a package and requesting to use the bathroom.

Jurors failed to agree unanimously on a death sentence for Neulander. Descended nelander a long line of ffred, his father was a dry-cleaner. Jenoff also had signed a plea form in which he indicated that no other promises had been made in connection with the plea, other than those set forth on the form.

His only movements came as his fingers brushed his lips and cheeks from time to time. Jenoff gave a recorded statement to the police, implicating defendant.

The trial, expected to last four weeks, will feature testimony from these people as well as the rabbi himself. We reject defendant’s contentions and affirm. Six prosecution witnesses were accused of lying outright.

When Neulader asked defendant what happened, defendant answered, “it was those Colombians” from the bakery, and that they would kill or hurt you for “a nickel.

Carol ran a successful business.

Holly attorney Mike Riley. The two confessed hit men, Leonard Jenoff and Paul Michael Daniels, have pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and await sentencing following this trial.