Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Aug Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Sep Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Oct Issue the leader, Fontana, Calif., Fontz, Anthony, 62 Foo Fighters, ,, 15O ,, Ford, Art, Formisano, Vittorio, Fortean Times, xiv. Casino Royale, Ford, Henry, Fortean Times, 10 Fortune, Dion, 4, , ; The Mystical Qabalah, , Foster, Jane, –93, , Fothergill.

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Fortean Times Bibliography – UK – Page 7 – Magazines

Fortean Times Issues 1—15 Fortean Tomes, 2nd edition, ed. Many of the earliest issues of FT were collected in book format in the early s. Fortean Times 34 Winter Fortean Times 74 Apr May He writes that Russell turned down an invitation to contribute material to The News back inhaving “earned his rest” after 40 years as an active Fortean.

Fortean Times 21 Spring This page has been accessed 15, times.

Full Gallery – FT Covers

Retrieved from ” http: Emerson’s still-on-going tims “Phenomenomix” strip in FT had its prototype in 11’s three-page “Fortean Funnies”. Fortean Times March Besides the formal lecture programme, UnCon normally features exhibits by organisations such as the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and the Centre for Fortean Zoology. Fortean Times January Fortean Times May Fortean Times June Fortean Times 47 Autumn Fortean Times Issues 16—25 2nd ed.


Fortean Times 23 Autumn Emerson was introduced to Rickard in latewhen after seven issues, he “wanted to improve the graphics”, which Emerson certainly did, providing around 30 headings for use in issues 8 onwards. Fortean Times 45 Winter Fortean Times 29 Summer Fortean Times 42 Autumn Fortean Times May Fortean Times 90 September Fortean Times forteqn Winter Fortean Times 50 Summer Fortean Times forteaj Spring In recent years, the print volumes have been overtaken by digital files, available on CD.

Several changes of logo and font have occurred throughout its life. Hall produced a section entitled “Fortean USA”, continuing on from his earlier, discontinued, newsletter From My Files ; issue 5 also saw William Porter’s article on Llandrillo printed, after being delayed from 4 for space constraints. Fortean Times 32 Summer After fifteen issues of The Newsissue 16 saw the magazine renamed Fortean Times timees, which “new title emerged from correspondence between Bob Rickard and Paul Fortesn — the two having talked of creating a fortean version of The Times newspaper, “full of weird and wonderful news and read by millions worldwide”.


Bob Rickard Founder Paul Sieveking.

Fortean Times 96 March The same issue ran an obituary for Eric Frank Russellof whom Rickard was a considerable fan. This was widely reported in the British media as an “official” statement by Fortean Times that “Ufology is Dead”. The magazine which was to continue Charles Fort ‘s work documenting the unexplained was founded by Robert JM “Bob” Rickard in as his self-published bi-monthly mail order “hobbyish newsletter” miscellany The News — “A Miscellany of Fortean Curiosities”.