I’ve read through the footsies handbook on quite a few times now and it’s definitely improved my game as well as helping. Posts about Footsies Handbook written by muttonhead. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook — Introduction/Foreword The ebook you’re reading now is the result of a lot of effort by Maj of to compile.

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A player that is looking to whiff punish something is not going to be pressing buttons; they are going to be either standing still or walking backwards, waiting for you whiff something. Zoning means acquiring and maintaining certain positions on the screen favorable to your character’s arsenal but disadvantageous and restrictive to your opponent.

In fact, their uses are so diverse and their impact so significant that it’s impossible to cover everything in one article. Only jump if you know what handboook opponent is going to do and if jumping is the best counter to their action.

Crazy rushdown is another option for bypassing footsies. Hey Maj, I just started using this to begin my street fighter v journey. Forget about winning or losing. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Supplement A — No discussion of footsies is complete without a tactical overview on projectiles. Giving up on moves only does one thing — it footeies your options.

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Street Fighter Footsies Handbook

For instance, knowing when to stand in neutral instead of crouching is a big one. What the hell does that even mean? If they mistake it for a slower attack, they’ll leave themselves open when their counterattack misses. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 7 This week’s installment highlights assorted tricks of the trade which may help refine your game further. Hopefully you got a chance to practice some of the lessons covered in the previous installment and found a place for them in your gameplan.


Would this handbool be useful for games like guilty gear and tekken too? Thus expecting passiveness from someone who has grown impatient can lead to disaster. When i first found the tournament scene back in CvS days, i remember it took me a very long time to understand what players like Valle and Choi were doing on the ground to control the match.

Let’s take a look at some handbooj. I never even considered tossing a fireball to stuff it.

I’ll give it handbooo shot, but i have a feeling i’ll have to come back to this on several occasions because there’s always more to it. Punishing whiffed attacks, intentionally making yourself appear vulnerable, and using poke patterns to set up throws are all fundamental skills. It’s virtually impossible to hide all of your patterns from observant players. Most everyone’s natural reaction to having their attack interrupted is to block, which makes it easy to walk up and throw them in their moment of hesitation.

Following a basic jandbook or block string, hqndbook with a light attack from its maximum distance. This entry is more abstract than previous installments, but it was too big a concept to leave out and too big a concept to cover in one article. Street Fighting for Beginners — CritPoints.

Backing your opponent against a wall negates their ability to walk backward, giving you sole control over when you’re in and out of attack range. However, it’s a great way for solid defensive characters to frustrate opponents who already have trouble finding a way inside. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that footsies is something you whip up on the fly. Tactically speaking, a fireball is a relatively slow poke with good range. People are very susceptible to playing by “feel” when they aren’t serious and consequently will use the same auto-pilot tactics for you to download wakeup jab is occasionally good in high-level play.


Worse yet, what if none of this seems appealing to you?

fkotsies Sometimes when they’ve got your number, just block. You’ll continue making progress as long as you remember what you’re after. November 9th, at There’s no unwritten law restricting pokes to normal moves.

The entire strategic landscape of Street Fighter changes dramatically once you begin thinking of projectiles as components of jandbook. In most fighting games, crouching makes your character bigger and blocking makes your character bigger.

Footsies Handbook | Being a Scrub

However in training, i wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to practice footsies against better players, because you’ll probably learn more from an intense loss than a mindless win. Leverage the threat of an effective poke to secure an extra step forward, then use it to set up a throw mixup. Never get caught up in overusing them to the point of becoming predictable, abandoning your gameplan, or forgetting other effective tools in footaies arsenal.

Obviously this presents an opportunity to capitalize on a massive advantage, if you know what to do.