Library or Congress Cataloglng-In-Publlcatlon Data. Carse, James P. Finite and infinite games. Includes index. 1. Life. 2. Games-Symbolic aspects. 3. Religion. Finite Games and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility by James P. Carse was definitely an exciting read for me, and if you consider yourself a. quotes from Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility : ‘To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared fo.

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Plethora of orthogonal thoughts. Poets who have no metaphysics, and therefore no political line, make war impossible because they have the irresistible ability to show the guardians that what seems necessary is only possible.

I knew there vinite other books out there to read, so I was somewhat glad to stop.

The loss of function, the obstruction of an activity, cannot in itself destroy my health. If you do not truly speak the words that reside entirely in their own sound, neither can you think that which remains thought or can be translated back into thought.

A successful harvest is not the end of a gardener’s existence, but only a phase of it. If there were, there would have to be a rule for those rules, and so on. Jun 27, DJ rated it liked it Recommends it for: It is useful to think of many situations in the world as games, or contests.

It simply takes another form. It was a sequence of unconnected quotable paragraphs usually of the form: Finite games, he shows, may offer wealth and status, power and glory, but infinite games offer something far more subtle and far grander.

This little gem of a book is an easy read, but very deep. To give you some taste of the book, finite game and infinite game are separately described as dramatic or theatrical. Or one who looks away and walks off? He is a spiritual person but not a theist, rather like myself. Harvesting respects a source, leaves it unexploited, suffers it to be as it is. It is organized as a serious of logical propositions, examples and philosophical arguments.


A perceptive expanse that plays with boundaries and not within boundaries. This is a cohesive, deep and philosophical but at the same time practical work, that blends: Farse and try again. Whoever plays toward a certain outcome desires a particular past. Carse, Infijite and Casre Games: Ok, reading it again, fearfully, lest it will prove not to have aged well.

We are the unseeing killing the unseen. Finite players play ffinite strict rules, else they cannot say who has won or who has lost; infinite players play with rules, because they must be constantly adjusted in response to changing circumstances. But some things I liked: View all 8 comments.

One of my all time favourites! Even in this last, extreme case we must still concede that whoever takes up the commanded role does so by choice. A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility. Infinite games are more mysterious — and ultimately more rewarding. I also recommend being willing to throw the book against the wall in frustration at other times, and to skim when necessary.

Carse, Finite and Infinite Games. Nov 29, Jonathan rated it liked it.

Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility

Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! I’ve returned to it a few times and am always nervous that I’ll discover that I’ve outgrown it, but I find it more enjoyable each time Infinute revisit it.

The combatant has casre what I call in the text, a Master Player. History did not end with their birth; neither will it end with their dying.

Finite and Infinite Games

That larger context is, in effect, infinite. If the purpose of such human engagement with the world is to continue the play, it would mean there are no winners—and no losers. Don’t sweat the small infinnite finite games. For one, a combatant will appraise the strengths and weakness of the opponent so as to have a faultless strategy. Training repeats a completed past in fintie future. Finite games are the familiar contests of everyday life, the games we play in business and politics, in the bedroom and on the battlefied — games with winners and losers, a beginning and an end.


Some good stuff buried under a lot of messy writing and incoherent thought.

How often it happens that open hostility emerges; friendship turns to hatred; alcohol is involved; then fists; occasionally guns. Carse is a whore for finkte semantic paradox.

Finite and Infinite Games | Book by James Carse | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

He often inverts language in stran I started this book expecting a popular treatment of game theory. Trivia About Finite and Infini In this book Carse present the idea of two types of games – finite and infinite.

The essential dichotomy is between those who play “finite games” for results, prizes, and recognition and those who play “infinite games” for the sheer joy and challenge. It certainly didn’t do it for me. It altered my perspective on ownership, planning, and in general, the approach to various events and things. He offers stunning new insights into the nature of property and power, of culture and community, of sexuality finit self-discovery, opening the door to a world of infinite delight and possibility.

I recommend the book because it has several insights that I think are powerful and gamfs. Zero fitted fancy stories.