It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. I am pleased to. Faysal bank (Distribution Branch) Internship Report Submitted To: Human Resource Department Submitted By: Fahad Khalid. About Faysal Bank Limited: Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, INVESTMENTCERTIFICATE: Barkat Investment.

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FBL has kept the leverage high integnship while it decreases in the following years Leverage Multiplier Leverage MultiplierYear Leverage Multiplier With form two photographs of the customer is also hank with the form. To each other, we are a family. But now day FBL does not issue the demand draft. Privatizing, deregulation and focus on foreign investment is the main pillar of economic policies of all the most interhship party. Tiered profit structure providing an incentive to save gaysal.

When planning for international marketing this is true You require seeming at: New incoming local and especially foreign banks are making tough competition among banks. These training programs increase the efficiency of the employees. It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. Good advertising can attract the customer.

It measures the amount investors willing to pay for each rupee of the firms earning. The key charges of all the all types of lockers either small, medium or large lockers Rs. Advertizing is very important tool for any kind of organization.

So, the result of both ratios is same.

The bank officer check the number of national identity card is correctly recorded in the account opening form and the copy of the national identity card is kept in the record by the bank.


Faysal finance is the small loan bsnk is unsecured and varies from It also shows the degree of confidence of investors on firm.

Locker is repaired every rdport when the customer terminated the locker. Faysal Izafa At Faysal Bank we realize that every customer’s financial needs are different. But if the road is not damaged till contract then the bank refund the money. From a liquidity point of view a high loan to deposit ratio indicates a banks ability to manage with a low level of cash and marketable investments.

The lower the ratio the better the company’s debt position.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer – [PDF Document]

FBL has misplaced many clients because of this reason due to move from Islamic banking to conventional banking. The sad part is that our fysal base isn’t growing and industrial demand for credit is, therefore, low. Mazhar for her valuable guidance and help throughout this period.

Everyone wants to have his own 25 transport which become the necessity of today taking the vehicles on the installment is easy way for all the customers. The higher this ratio, the greater the amount of other peoples money being used to generate profit. And then increase to 9.

We believe in ethical, honorable, time-proven principles of uprightness.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer

Innovation We pioneer novel and more efficient ways to deliver solutions. The stage of inflation Employment stage per capita.

He cant receive money without account, because the money is not transfer in the account. From the financial analysis of bank it has concluded that as in a condition of economic recession, other banks are fulfilling their cost but the FBL is still enjoying profit.

All the members sign such mandate, but it will be cancelled, if any of the member dies or insolven Partner Ship Firm Account: The specific conditions to open the account of joint stock company are: Faysal Bank has earned immaculate reputation in the field of Capital Markets, which is quite evident from our track record and market share in this area Investment Banking With the ever-changing business environment in Pakistan, companies need expert partners with a keen understanding of business to help achieve profit objectives.


Faysal bank offers the quality products to its customers. And this will be better for the bank to entertain their customer.

Internship reports

In order to be able to cope with the changing environment, it is necessary to some practical experience, as the student of Commerce we have to pass through a series of various managerial techniques. Administrative expenses 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, Other provisions 62 6 97 6 Other charges 64 68 33 61 10 Total operating expenses 11, 6, 4, 3, 2, Profit before tax 1, 1, 1, 2, Less: Demand draft Pay order Call deposit receipt Demand Draft: It indicates the amount of stockholders equity that relates to iinternship share of outstanding common stock.

Bills And Remittances c. There is little decline of profit from the last year.

Training programs for the new employees The bank should place emphasis on the organization of effective training and development programs for its new as well exiting employees. The higher the ratio, the better the position of company. This work helped us to apply the theoretical concepts and learn the practical aspects of a bank.

Call deposit receipt CDR It is also called the pay slip and is used for the security purpose.