Wolf, Vampire: The Requiem and Exalted are registered trademarks of CCP hf. All rights Broken-Winged Crane works tirelessly to bring it forth, a living. The first thing I want to show you from the Broken-Winged Crane is an Though it has never happened in recorded history, a Solar Exalted. And don’t give me the line ‘You can’t.’ We know it is an insane artifact and hasn’t been made yet But honestly, come on. Someone else has to.

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Moving forward, well, more Primordials, if any Infernals manage to escape working for the Reclamation and make it to Essence 9 edalted getting smacked down by one of the many people who want to kill them.

Broken-Winged Crane

I don’t know the new developers’ stance on this, but I decided already back then to adopt the term and create my own type of Akuma. Where do you want brokeh to go? The Contract A willing sorcerer can enter a contract with a demon that merges their Essences into one form. What do you want to do with this? Or maybe the sorcerer acquires a permanent mutation, such as scaled skin, bright green hair, or locusts living within her lungs.

The Akuma For students at the Heptagram, it is forbidden to attempt to summon a demon before they have exqlted the faculty that they have the mental fortitude to do so. Erembour both serves and comprises one of the souls of a Yozi who is the shadow of everything that has ever lived. Broken Winged Crane provides rules not only for making bigger badder high essence infernal exalted, but it provides rules for when hitting essence 9, which to be fair is not likely in most games becoming a primordial, not a broken primordial, not a yozi I fail to see how “No, that guy is too fat to be hurt by your fire” would make sense.


I did a lot of homebrew over here. Originally Posted by Thespianus.

Stag possessed using God Ways a copy of this book and discovered the following about it:. Some sorcerers seek out the aid of demons for specific tasks while others seek out demons in order to acquire personal power unattainable through other means.

[Homebrew] The Broken-Winged Crane – Onyx Path Forums

It wants to control. Thoughts ripple out, birthing others.

The time now is Adorjan Murder is Meat lured players into seeing extras as mote-fuel. Infernal just got so much cooler. Thunder cracks when she enters the mortal world and torches and other lights instantly go out in her presence. However, using spells from a higher level of sorcery than the sorcerer should normally be able to use comes at a great cost see Torment below.

Exalted: Flight of the Broken-Winged Crane

Trying to merge with a demon of the Third Circle would fill the sorcerer with so much powerful Essence that their physical forms would not be able to survive it. But it can also be averted. Real gods require blood.

A demon rarely protests against the summoning itself. The New Xealted, Part 9: Login or Sign Up Log in with. The broken winged crane supplement for infernal exalted. Since Primordials embody concepts, this could bring entirely new principles into the universe, creating earth-shaking changes of pretty much any kind.


These are the sorcerers who are willing to give up their own souls—their craen agency—to a demon in order to acquire power unmatched by their peers. This particular book sought a reader worthy of understanding its knowledge without going mad, who would then be introduced to the books creator, whom it loved as much as any demon can love. Search in titles only. The wingec can only be formed if the sorcerer is willing to give up its soul to the demon, but there are no rules against demons using trickery to make sorcerers willing.

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Not to contradict your idea – but just a random thought that might be complimentary: I have had something brewing in my mind for years, but I’ve always postponed it because I’ve worked on other project. Demon-blooded they seem adjacent to the idea of mortals fused with demons? The sorcerer does not communicate with the demon after the absorption, but she can sense its will like a secondary conscience trying to overrule her own.

Last edited crsne Errion N. A demon does not want to be controlled.

Broken-Winged Crane – DivNull RPG

Their bodies would explode. The control effect disperses, the Torment point disappears, and the resulting chaos may manifest in a way determined by the Storyteller. Scott The New World, Part 9: Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers.