Everything Good Will Come has ratings and 90 reviews. karen said: in my mind, because i am notoriously illiterate when it comes time to read the back. Everything Good Will Come is about the coming-of-age of Enitan, the chief character, as she develops from a gripping aura of innocence to an. Abstract. Sefi Atta’s debut novel Everything Good Will Come () examines the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Through these various.

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The Lives of Others.

The dialogue is endless banter, and frustratingly wi,l. I think the problem was that the only time that Enitan’s life seemed worth reading about was when she was with Sheri.

Born With A Tooth. And the repetition, it goes on and on. This review first appeared on my book blog https: This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat The political changes in her country affect Enitan’s life in many different ways.

Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta

Oct 29, Anny rated it it was ok. Enitan’s character explores a lot of bu, and debates herself, her friends, her co-workers and her family about all of the issues which keep affecting her as she is discovering herself.

And Africa was an onslaught of sensations, as I once tried to explain to a group of English work mates, like eating an orange. And I loved the ending! Here’s what I loved about this book: I was never tempted to jump into the lagoon as they did. But note that this is a complete shift in the tone of the book from where we started and where we’re now going.

She appears to be totally submissive, but a development in the plot reveals hidden depths. Bodies usually showed up days later, bloated, stiff and rotten.

At this point, living with her warring parents in Lagos, she becomes friends with her new nextdoor neighbour, a Muslim half-caste called Sheri. Enitan bucks the familial and political systems until she is confronted with the one desire too precious to forfeit in the name of personal freedom: From Ikoyi bordering the Marina, to the south nearing Yoruba towns, every part is reawakened and alive: Soon Niyi expects Enitan to obey him and while his concern is for the unborn baby he also cannot handle the fact that Enitan does things that he tells her not to do.


By the time I was halfway through I did not see any reason to finish it other than the fact that I had already started. Who will cook for your husband? However, the situation became volatile with back-to-back military coups that were led mostly by corrupt Hausa military officers. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. It took me 2 mornings and putting off things I had to do just to get to the next chapter, and then next page until I finally finished the book.

Everything Good Will Come

Enitan bucks the familial and political systems until she is confronted with the one desire too precious to forfeit in the name of personal freedom: The girls are soon forced to separate; Enitan is sent to a school abroad to receive a better education than that offered in Lagos.

The coups also generated ethnic violence between the different groups and tension was high. They loved our animals more than they loved us.

I wanted to get to know her, I wanted to really get into her world and connect with her but her appearances in the book were scattered and scarce, what a shame!! Such subtle details give the story emotional richness, and the strong focus on relationships integrates with flavourful descriptions of everyday life and political commentary.

My only reservation is in all the socio-political commentary in this book, Fela’s name was not mentioned even once. Views Read Edit View history. Along the way, I was more interested in Sheri ayta in the artist boyfriend After she fights with her father about his son, Debayo Taiwo, she leaves her father’s house for Mike’s and finds him with another woman.


Sunny’s character shows how hard evefything is to escape the traditional mindset that the males in Nigerian culture have the final word regardless of what the women think. The eveything I enjoyed in the book were the ones Sheri was a part of.

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour. The aftermath of Sheri’s rape leads to a partial termination of coms friendship and Sheri being sent to the hospital due to an attempt to give herself an abortion. Paying close attention, every the women in this book has a unique storyand no female character was left undeveloped.

After we lost touch with Sheri,the story lost me. Finally, I must include this passage, in which Enitan talks about what Africa is to her, as opposed to how it is portrayed in books written by white writers: Underexplained books, books that described comd colonial African so exotic I would want to be there myself, in a safari suit, served by some silent and dignified Kikuyu, or some other silent and dignified tribesman.

Enitan Taiwo always knows how privileged she is in her lawyer father’s home. View all 21 comments. The story seemed disorganized after the second part. All three countries are also faced with infidelity and race discrimination, issues that make this story relevant beyond Nigeria.

I have read no fewer than three books in goid last few months with this same eefi, the inexplicable marriage gkod our heroine to a guy with no redeeming qualities, who of course turns out to be a turd. I still really liked this book, though. Hardcoverpages. The End of the Day.

How will her husband cope, considering what he has gone through before?