Find great deals for Esgrima Criolla – Ilustrado Spanish Edition by Mario Lopez Osornio MINT. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I came across this while responding to another thread gaucho dueling with long knives (facones) and ponchos. The facon was for the gaucho.

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Nov 6, 2. Esgrima Criolla is inevitably the knife fighting method for the gauchos of old…Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and a number of other places.

Esgrima Criolla – Ilustrado Spanish Edition by Mario Lopez Osornio MINT | eBay

A compliation of tactics and functionality that was sewn together under the pressure of survival and not a penny less. The loser might survive, but he While kenjutsu has become an avenue of perfection and specificity with minimal or no actual pressure-testing, I hope the same does not happen with EC.

The gaucho had his values, he respected courage, he always preferred sharp weapons over guns of powder, he did not like to kill unnecessarily, although for fun there was always some fuss, and Don Juan Manuel de Rosas prohibited the carrying of the knife on holidays and Sundays, for something was Nov 6, 1.


Publicado por Jorge Prina en Your user name or email address: But I do know pragmatism and function when I see it after 25 years in this business. Search tags for this page. Do you already have an account? If not, it rapidly gets thrown away. Your email address will not be published.

From my part, it will not. It may not nor may never hit the masses but it will remain pure and unadulterated. Discussion in ‘ Knife Arts ‘ started by geezerNov 6, It is entirely because of this that it gives an entirely honest perspective on the state of modern knife combatives and the modern knife attack.

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Then we come to conclusions that meet in the middle of truth…. Castells Capurro How was training? Nov 7, 3. Oct 20, Messages: Nov 9, 5. No, create an account now. A means to an end. Keeping the weapon side back when attacking brings the body much closer to the opponent vs weapon side forward.


There is no room for the hypothetical, you just do.

But there was also a specific tradition of dueling for honor, apparently emphasizing slashes to the face. The facon was for the gaucho an all purpose survival tool, like a bowie was to the North American cowboy. It was not the traditional kenjutsu we see practiced now.

It is a esgtima method and, because of this, many people state that it needs other components. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Does it hold up?

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Nov 7, 4. It was born in another era where artistic merit was overruled by martial necessity. Facon Vs Dagger, Circa I am of the opinion that as a method it serves much greater purpose being low-key, in its original format and without the need to adhere to public opinion.