By Marshall Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Published August 29th by Greenhill Books (first published ) .. In Infantry Attacks, we get a clear look at Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s life before his. It certainly is. The hard lessons of war are learned through the blood and death of others. Only fools want to learn these lessons again with their.

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On the eastern edge of the woods we infantey a gun section of the 49th Eield Artillery going into position on the boundary of the 2d and 3d Battalions and some thirty yards behind the front line.

The march on Hill continued etwin after progressing a few hundred yards, French artillery fire drove the battalion to the ground. Apr 13, peiman-mir5 rezakhani rated it really liked it Shelves: We went inside, and found a dozen women and girls who seemed frightened at our appearance.

The regimental command post was on the left of the 1st Battalion. On the way, I ran into the regimental commander. The fire of the Erench artillery was growing stronger.

The continual danger was wearing on us. Companies formed into columns among the tall trees. This book contradicts none of that, but provides a broader sense both of who Rommel was, and also provides a different perspective on World War One than we commonly have. Wondering if he was preparing to rush us, we assaulted his position but, except for a few dead, found it deserted. My next job was to find the battalion kitchens and bring them up. During the battle in thejog at Bleid, contact was lost soon after meeting the enemy, and it was not possible to reestablish it.


The fire became heavier and forced us to the ground. There is no introduction and no summary to speak of. War As I Knew Itpage Cautiously we approached the highway; I peered around the corner of the building. Aided by this additional fire support we pressed the attack together with the units on the right. That was not easy at twenty yards with the sights set for yards, especially since we had not practiced this type of fighting in peacetime.

East of Murveaux from positions on the west bank of the Meuse the Erench greeted us with shrapnel but inflicted little damage. The translator was Lieutenant Colonel Gustave E.

Infantry Attacks : Erwin Rommel :

A number of rifle barrels were protruding from the roof tiles. Nothing could be seen or heard of the enemy.

It was past midnight when I arrived at the regimental command post. Soon we were climbing a steep, thickly -wooded slope. A thick ground fog lay on the dew-covered fields, limiting visibility to a scant fifty yards.

Patton was among the many influential military leaders reported to have read Infantry Attacks. One called in a heart-breaking way for his mother. On both sides of the road large PDF Creator: Tired and hungry, I headed for my quarters, looking forward to a few hours’ rest. The artillery must maintain uninterrupted observation over the field of battle.

My intention was to start back at daybreak in the direction of Exermont where I hoped to locate my regiment. Our mission accomplished, we pulled out in a hurry and headed for cover; French counterbattery fire that followed hit empty positions.

Sergeant Bentele was working over me. The main part of the work had to be finished before midnight. We heard the voices of wounded men on all sides now. At the end of several hours’ digging the trench was some eighteen inches deep, which was certainly insufficient protection from hostile artillery fire. Looking for beautiful books? We suffered only one casualty. We then proceeded about a half mile without further trouble.


At daybreak, September 6, we sent out a mounted reconnaissance detachment which was fired on from the woods a bit south of Briceaux. He put his men first. In some places the trench was now four and a half feet deep.

Not one of them lifted his head above the grain. Were some still in Bleid with their bulk farther to the rear?

Infantry Attacks

Concentrated French artillery fire, especially flanking fire, had had its effect heightened by damaged trees which fell on the troops and played havoc with various companies.

Then I looked about for shelter for the night. On the other side of the valley, the glasses showed enemy defense positions on Hills and west and northwest of Rembercourt.

However, he was forced to commit suicide before completing this work. This is highly recommended. It was now too late to attack the French battery and I had lost my stomach for it. Judging from the sound of the guns, we were infanry by a scant hundred yards. With all four companies in line the battalion occupied Hill Thanks to poor enemy marksmanship, we had suffered no casualties up to this time. They could give us better support from their present position. At Tongues Bois our leading elements ran into the enemy.