Epson PowerLite Home Cinema UB projector specs, projector reviews and Std. Zoom Lens: Std. Lens Focus: Manual: Optional Lenses: No: Lens. View and Download Epson PowerLite UB user manual online. Home Cinema. PowerLite UB Projector pdf manual download. Browse Epson UB PowerLite Home Cinema Projector owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more.

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Press the button on the projector or remote control.

Continue to Peson 2. Press the u, d, l, or r button to change settings as manuwl. The UB mxnual seven preset color modes, including a THX mode that’s designed to offer the most accurate image out of the box. Selectthen press the button to delete the memory settings. Insert the screwdriver that came with the lamp or a similar tool into the slot on the back of the projector to release the lamp cover.

Rated at 4, lumens, this one is definitely mahual for use in a brighter viewing environment. Insert two new AA batteries as shown. Positioning the Image If the image is not centered on the screen, use the horizontal and vertical lens shift dials to adjust its position.

Epson is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other products. Epson will pay for all freight charges if you choose to send your unit to Epson for repair.

See page 56 for more information. Instead, Epson will ship you a replacement unit anywhere in the United States or Canada. You can adjust the offset and gain for each signal color red, green, and blue.

To access the lock settings, follow these steps: I didn’t feel the need to switch to the darker eco lamp mode: Page 59 There is an internal problem. The latter results in smoother, less mqnual motion than the traditional 3: Keep batteries away from children.


Do not put in the trash. You may have to press the button to confirm your choice.

The built-in Epson Cinema Filter automatically improves color reproduction in a darkened room; it is not used when you select Dynamic Enter text from picture: Higher values will darken the light areas. To purchase online, visit www. Lets you adjust the shape and position of the image so that subtitles are visible available only if the aspect ratio has been set to.

Auto Aspect You may need to change the size of the image or aspect button ratio for certain image types by pressing the button Aspect on the remote control. Use the zoom ring to reduce or enlarge the image.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700 UB Projector

Environmental Environmental Temperature Operating: Choosing The Color Mode Use in a fully darkened room. The UB has pretty much every advanced picture adjustment that you or your installer could want, including: Deleting Saved Memory Settings You can clear all your memory settings at once. Page 75 Epson product for carry-in warranty service are your responsibility.

Use the first three settings described below to make the most visible changes. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential msnual.

Epson shall not be liable for any damages incurred during transportation. Copyright Notice Epson product. Making Basic Adjustments Making Basic Adjustments Follow the instructions in this chapter to make basic adjustments to the image shape, maanual, color, and quality. Optional Accessories Home Service. Never open any cover on the projector, except the lamp and filter covers. If a claimed defect cannot be identified or reproduced in service, you will be held responsible for costs incurred.


Focusing and Zooming Use the focus ring to sharpen the image. To my ears, this year’s normal lamp mode was quieter than last year’s model. You see the following displayed on the screen: As a rule of thumb, you can use lens shift to move the image up or down by nearly its full height, and left or right by about one-half its width for details, see page Face the projector straight ahead instead of at the center of the screenthen use the horizontal lens shift dial to center the image see page We hope you enjoy our Best of list.

Epson Projectors: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema UB 3 LCD projector

Storing The Projector Pack the projector in its original packaging or equivalent. Choosing the Aspect Ratio In many cases, video signals are automatically resized to fit on your screen when is selected as the Aspect setting. Changing How the Menus Display Use these options to control how the menus display.

Skin Tone setting, 40 Sleep mode, 48 Warranty, 10, 74 to 75 Source buttons, 8, 9 Where to Get Help, 64 Source, selecting image, 23 Wide setting, 27 Specifications compatible video formats, 67 to 68 dimensions, 66 electrical, 66 x.

Depending on your display settings and how you use the Zoom ring, the actual size may differ.