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The picture that emerges is based on three points:. It is the external chain, that will be referred to in this work simply as the value chain, which is particularly important for those small firms that are export oriented.

The final part of the article brings together the lessons that the theory can learn from the experiences of those small firms that have shown dynamism on foreign markets. On the contrary, in the case of a small firm, the integration system — between firms — is often sunk, hardly visible.


International expansion through direct investments carried out the transfer of knowledge from the locations of knowledge production to others within the hierarchical and planned circuits of the large multinationals. Each firm contributes to the expansion of the pool of knowledge to which it has access, and enlarges the sphere in which its own information can be used, thanks to its investment in the construction and maintenance of a social system where even complex information and knowledge can be exchanged.

During the initial phase of the industrialisation process the circulation of knowledge which could be applied was, first of all, linked to the international trading of intermediate goods.

David Camfield – – Historical Materialism 15 2: Sponsored products for you. However, it is true that, in their attempt to internationalise, small firms move up a rising-cost path: Grandinetti Rnzo, Rullani Enzo. The cheap production of specialised knowledge through division of labour is the motive force for innovation both inside single firms internal specialisation and between firms external. Urllani Via Labour Power in Marx.

At the same time, they can exploit the advantage of their limited size and the specific features of their local environment on a very large scale through the links they can establish with international demand, technology, suppliers and clients. Or, they can have different degrees of extension within an international environment according to the number and type of activities generating value involved in the projection Porter, Cookies can be themselves or others.


It cannot be reduced to ‘ ‘selling abroad”, since it implies the management of trans-national communications enao transactions. The participation of small firms in the international economy relies on a process of inter-firm specialisation that assigns a specific function enzp a firm in the production of value.

Città e cultura nell’economia delle reti : Enzo Rullani :

As a matter of fact, after decades of failed attempts, it proved impossible to reduce the following situations to the same theoretical model of the small firm: In our analysis we have made an attempt to observe the international experience of small firms objectively. At that time, it was possible to study international operations as an independent subject.

Fiorenza Belussi, Giorgio Gottardi, and Enzo Rullani This volume collects some papers presented at the Vicenza conference “The Future of Districts,” held in Juneorganised by the Department of Technology and Management of Industrial Systems of the Faculty of Engineering of Padua University, with the collaboration of several engineers, industrial economists, and experts in the issue of technology management.

This progression in the theory also raised a substantial dichotomy within real economics. In this light, since it is practically open to all potential suppliers and users, international trade is a channel with a very large extension but with limited capacity. Sign in to use this feature. But they are completely visible and deliberately planned only in the case of large firms: In fact, in order to link the world pool of skills with the potential world demand for applications, an effective channel for the transfer of knowledge must be evaluated according to two characteristics: Free Shipping All orders of The meaning of internationalisation, in this sense, is not yet dependent on the level of foreign sales exports or on the amount of foreign direct investment multinationalisation.

Many deterministic models previously tested on large multinational companies cannot be adopted. Cookies added by Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Google Analytics.

Pillole dei Saggi – Enzo Rullani, Venice International University

Peter King – unknown. During the last twenty years, in response to specific problems and dullani, these firms have been creatively discovering and progressively adopting solutions that are appropriate to the small size.

This paper maintains that the theoretical myopia we suffer in this field is due to a sort of optical illusion, that arises from two sources of ambiguity: A further crucial aspect of the process is the linking up of local resources to the supply and uses that, within an international environment, are accessible to the chain in which the small firms participate.


The theory has easily demonstrated that these two kinds of firms have very different patterns of internationalisation. The recent development of internationalisation not rullani implies an increasing level of “openness” of the systems of multinational companies, but a gradual elimination of the dimensional barriers regarding foreign operations too. In this respect, it is a firm’s strategic vision that becomes global.

When internationalisation is referred to single firms, the gap between large and small firms appears ejzo be unbridgeable.

However, recent studies have invited us to abandon this theory completely Ali, Swiercz, ; Gemunden, ; Bonaccorsi, All these networks or quasi-networks widen the base for the division of labour in the production and use of knowledge. Dirk Baecker – – Thesis Eleven 66 1: As a result they are able to maintain their small dimension and a radication within their territory of origin making use of the specific features permitting them to maintain a competitive advantage.

This shy reveals the rrullani in the theory of value, both the utility value theory of standard political economics, and the Marxian labour-value theory. Market transactions will only allow for the circulation of standard knowledge rullai is incorporated within the goods.

Città e cultura nell’economia delle reti

As a matter of fact, since the s several studies have shown that many small- sized firms are able to survive and prosper in industries and countries that are highly developed and open to international competition. There are several types of cookies: The ‘Debt’ of Capitalism? Levitt and other marketing experts for whom the condition of globality derives from the fact that needs are becoming more and more similar throughout the world and, consequently, products and marketing policies are standardising Levitt, ; Ohmae, ; Simmonds, ; Sheth, ; Douglas, Wind, ; Jain, Their response to the requirements of demand has changed from passive to interactive.