The Swan Thieves is a novel by American author Elizabeth Kostova. The ” old painter” described in the book before the first chapter is Alfred Sisley. The Swan Thieves: A Novel [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession. The Swan Thieves [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. trade 1st edition 1st printing paperback, fine In stock shipped from.

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Why the painter main character would go all quiet all because some dude blackmailed a woman makes no sense, maybe if Kostova would have added some kind of magical element to the story then one could believe in the painters condition; but instead with the realism of the book one has to just go with the idea that the painter guys kind of an asshole, and uses this wronged woman painter of a hundred years ago as a tool to avoid having to deal with the real shit going on around him, like his family and other people.

Transparent means “allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. So the remainder of the reading was about getting there and how Kostova took her readers there.

The Swan Thieves – Wikipedia

And they are elizaneth The first debut novel to hit the New York Times bestseller list at 1, The Historian has been published in 44 languages, has more than 1.

Nothing else he does seems to be particularly mentally unbalanced, really, and his refusal to speak is less a symptom than a plot device. No explosive Hollywood-style occurrences, but a slow unfolding of suspicions that are later confirmed.

I do wonder if male readers have sensed the same shadow, found the voice of Dr.

He is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding this complicated and silent new patient; he is a dedicated physician who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. We learn much of this story with alternate first-person narratives, Dr.


More By and About This Author. Those that don’t ruin the koshova experience and those that might. I can’t think of what kind of reader would enjoy this, it’s just not that interesting. I thought the author used different points of view and writing styles well, blending first person narratives in the past and present tenses, third person narratives in the present tense and letters to create an elaborate whole piece by piece.

He is hospitalized for mental illness, and psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, an exceptional kpstova himself, takes on Robert’s compelling I have heard many mixed reviews about The Swan Thieves from my friends. It might have helped if Kostova had given Oliver the chance to tell his own story. Perhaps the reader is changed as well after reading such a book: Kostova has a way of writing that is as close to the way we picture life as anyone I have read.

Every elizabet character was an annoying pompous jackass and I hope they all die horribly. A collection thieevs the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. I’m going to split them into two groups. Less urgent in its events than The HistorianThe Swan Thieves makes clear that Kostova’s abiding subject is obsession. Allegedly reluctant to talk about her ex-husband, Kate Oliver narrates a great number of chapters, in which we learn far too much about her and very little insightful about Robert.

About half way through, for various reasons, I had to put the book down for almost a week. Marlow reads a series of letters written between French Impressionist artists and even travels to France to unlock the story’s mystery. An obsession is soon revealed; an obsession that mystifies and leaves both reader and physician thoroughly intrigued. Quotes from The Swan Thieves. This was, in a word, disappointing.


The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova: review

Kotova’s prose; her uniquely masterful thidves into emotional complexities, are what save this novel despite all these negatives. Jul 18, Jo rated it it was amazing. Definitely recommended, and I already look forward to the author’s next book. View all 6 comments. If you are accustomed to a fast-paced mystery, then this may not be a book for you.

Even though Marlow comes across as a sensible, trained therapist, after only the briefest swxn encounters with his newly hospitalized patient, the renowned painter Robert Oliver, Marlow develops an obsessive desire to solve the mystery of why Oliver attempted to slash a painting in the National Gallery.

A dual storyline of a nineteenth century female Impressionist painter is also introduced very slowly, first by a series of letters interspersed in the main thievrs and kostovaa by chapters devoted to this portion of the plot.

A woman in the audience noted that novels seem to be getting shorter and shorter, although we pay the same price whether for pages orand that readers often excuse this brevity particularly if the writer is considered “really quite literary after all. Want to Read saving…. There are potentially interesting ideas ewan young women falling in love with old men, the difficulty of living an artists life in a domestic setting, the imperatives of genius.

Kate’s mother, Kate’s feelings about parenthood, pretentious conversations between art students in bars, her first dates with Robert and what she did to try to fascinate him, frankly inappropriate rhapsodizing about Robert’s body.