Krzysztof Jajuga is the author of Inwestycje ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Podstawy inwestowania na Elementy nauki o finansach. Taxes: elements of the tax structure, the tax scales, classification of taxes, the tax system in K. Jajuga, Elementy nauki o finansach, PWE, Warszawa Number of Pages: pages. Elementy nauki o finansach. by Krzysztof Jajuga Release date: Number of Pages: pages. Przywództwo w organizacji.

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As part of the conceptualization study, the following specific objectives are set: Partitioning around medoids jajhga has been used for data classification for pattern recognition.

As part of the conceptualization study the following specific objectives are set: Unfortunately all four groups are characterized by a low level of financial knowledge.

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Methods The main goal of the research is to evaluate household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities. Conclusion Personal finances is a fairly new sub discipline of finance, which is developing dynamically. New York Institute of Finance. Gathering a wide scope of information in one research leads to many simplifications and subjective data, which can unfortunately influence the research results.

In addition, an attempt has been made to verify the following hypothesis H: LXII, Zeszyt 3pp. Bielski ; 5 four balanced scorecard perspectives by R. The research hypothesis, which reads as follows: The main objective of the paper is to evaluate the household finance management effectiveness in the biggest Polish cities. In addition, it has been shown that there is a correlation statistically significant between financial knowledge and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension and between financial control and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension.

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Group 3 people with an average level of household finance effectiveness 1 2 points. In this case, the concept of personal finance sensu largo can be synonymous with the concept of household finances. Within the research framework, the following research methods have been used: The only point of reference can be the author s previous studies conducted in three Polish provinces: Derengowski, Maria da Graca eds.


I m trying to deliberately and carefully manage my money.

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In table 1, an attempt has been made to adapt selected one dimensional approaches to the effectiveness of the operation of a household. Manikowski, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu, s. Most authors equate the concept of household finance with personal finance Campbell, Personal finance sensu largo is a sub discipline of finance related to funds management by household members. Towards Quality of Life Improvement nauk, W.

The household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension was determined based on the following questions: Automatic extraction and identification of chart patterns towards financial forecast. Polish households are characterized by low effectiveness of financial management, which is a result of low level of knowledge and abilities in the field of finance, as well as lack of control over held financial tools, has not been positively verified.

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The paper develops the concept of harnessing data classification methods to recognize patterns in stock prices. The research sample was drawn using stratified sampling method.

Finanswch will bear for my banking products, ie.

In the following part of the article the results of economic dimension of household management effectiveness will be presented. Economics Letters, 77, Ostaszewskiego, Difin, Warszawa 3. System dimension expresses the ability of a household to overcome the uncertainty arising from the environment, or to adapt and achieve objectives such as survival and development Zdanowska, Podstawy metodyczne, PWE, Warszawa.

The social dimension refers to the relationship of a household to its environment.

The method used for the selection of the online survey respondents was that of recruiting in the form of voluntary panel see Kaczmarczyk, This problem in relation to functioning of households is not a new ginansach it has existed since the beginning of household finance science and effectiveness of markets. Household finance finanxach effectiveness literature review The term effectiveness is derived from the Latin word efficio, which means: Testing the statistical differences between l two groups has been performed using Mann Whitney test.


Moreover, the concept of personal finance management is defined as the process of managing financial resources in order to achieve the financial goals through planning, organizing, influencing and control Nogalski et al.

It takes into account a number of variables that describe the behavior of prices and volume, both in the short and long term. Household finance management effectiveness groups Source: Unfortunately, no studies contain the analysis attempts to determine the relationships between these phenomena.

The paper develops the concept of harnessing data classification methods to recognize patterns in stock prices. The first effectiveness models have been of eelmenty one dimensional character. Using a credit card grace period, you can use interest free loan.

Factors affecting household finance management effectiveness can be analyzed according to various criteria based on classifications of factors influencing finahsach needs and behavior of households. Pattern Recognition Letters, 22 14 Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, 37 2 Synowiecki, Subsampling in testing autocovariance for periodically correlated time seriesJournal of Time Series Analysis, vol.

An evaluation of the possibility of using certain formations for practical purposes has also been presented. A case study in romantic decision support. Unfortunately, in Poland finances are leementy taboo subject, which means that a large proportion of respondents refused to answer questions about their level of income and savings or debt.