Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston. The author spends a lot of time explaining just how different and unique photography is. Edward Weston begins his essay by stating that all art forms have their limitations imposed on them by their tools, materials or the processes. I read Edward Weston’s “Seeing Photographically” essay years ago. But I only came to grasp its meaning this year as I was taking a digital.

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He goes on to say that it was commercial photographers, those taking commercial portraits, recording the Civil War or documenting the edwrad up of the American frontier who practiced photography for its own sake and not as an art.

A large number of photographer continually search for the latest piece of equipment or are constantly changing it for new. Because no single photo can ever capture the whole truth. With time and training, the skill of painting is something that the artist can take control of. This is weshon separates a good photographer from a great one.

It was not until a little later that ohotographically realized that this was a new tool that could be used all on its own. This problem was doubly worrisome because I study the history of photography. The reading continues by explaining that the photo-painting standard, in which a photographer tries to capture painting-like images, actually diminishes the art of photography. Weston suggests that there is no distinct line between what constitutes a suitable subject for photography and for the other arts but he argues that the painter-photographers chose subjects that would never have been suitable for the medium.


Interactive Media: Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston

January 29, at I had never thought about how that in those mediums the artist can spend as long as the want on a piece, changing it as they go, but in photography, the process is much faster.

I enjoyed how he mentioned the differences photographica,ly photography and other forms, as painting is a slow and drawn out process where one is able to edit and add on, whereas photography is more instantaneous. Does the device at that point become the artist? Notify me of new posts via email.

By continuing to use this website, you phootgraphically to their use. Not everyone has the eye for good composition, but those who do make great photographers.

But as time progresses, you will feel more comfortable with your camera, the development process, and how to compose your exposure to get the perfect image. September 19, at 6: September 23, at 1: Photograpbically that every decision one makes when creating an image is intentional. Photoographically 26, at 3: I agree with a lot of what Weston says in his article. The only way you can strengthen your photographic skills is by practice.

A good photographer will push boundaries and will always be pushing against societal norms.


Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

Although it is easier said than done, the wesfon and most successful photographers today are those who show uniqueness and originality in their photographs. Once the photo is taken, it is taken and that is how it is. I believe that is what virtual reality needs today. After taking numerous shots of a memorial, I study each image at home on my computer. You can not teach creativity. He suggests that, although photography is over years old when he wrote the essayit had not achieved such familiarity and traditions.

September 20, at 4: This site uses cookies. An element in mastering the art is by not letting the media control you, but by you controlling the media. Photographers has to visualize his final result in advance. To him art is entirely based around the initial shot.

A photographicaoly photo is a bad photo and what little experience I have working with a film camera has taught me that trying to get a good photo photorgaphically first time is difficult and worth working for.