Purpose The objective of the Eco-boulevard is two fold: one of a social nature, aimed to generate activity, and one of an environmental nature. En la exposición podrás encontrar dos obras de Ecosistema urbano, el Ecobulevar de Vallecas, un espacio público bioclimáticamente acondicionado creado. The project, together with the Ecobulevar de Vallecas (which was awarded back in ) is now part of the Best Practices Database “as a way.

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Image Courtesy of Mapio. September 26, Posted by: The temperature difference between the two panels creates a convective flow, the air heated on the lower plan becomes less dense and lighter and tends to float towards the second object that gradually cools it down causing it to descend until reaching again the warm plate.

The boulevard is part of the new district of Madrid, which was promoted as an innovative residential project. Doiztua Concert under one of the pavilions. The Spanish submissions to this award have been highly appreciated: The project takes place in the desolate environment of a lifeless suburban development, and ordinary public space is not enough to exobulevar this freedom.


What is the Social Design Cirle? The affect is allowing for freedom of public life to take place. Paseo de la Castellana, 67, Madrid Horario: Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted with our activities. A great example, found in Yazd, combines and refines even more these two methods placing the tower further than usual from the house 50 m and then using an underground tunnel to connect the tower with the house.

Ferrywomen are exclusive to the maintenance and contain boxes with climbing plants which should cover the inner facing the central courtyard.

In Ecosistema Urbano realized one of its most iconic designs, the eco bulevard in Vallecas, Madrid. The air trees are made from repurposed industrial materials such as recycled plastic, greenhouse fabric, rubber tires. On the re side of the project is one of the more consolidated sectors, consisting of a dozen blocks under construction organised around the Bulevar de la Naturaleza, an avenue of some fifty metres wide and five hundred metres long running in a north-south direction.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In addition to sensible cooling, the cooling caused by a change of air temperature but not its humidity, badgir combined with a savvy use of water can provide also evaporative cooling which is generally more effective than sensible cooling alone.

We propose the construction of three large cylinders aligned, forming a fun ride, that anger mixed with the urban landscape of desolate desert suburb of Madrid. The external face of the cylinders consists of a sequence of sixteen vertical tubular pipes. Should designers be outlaws? As the hot air passes through the inside of the pipe, it goes through a cloud of atomised water produced by the climbing plants and this moistens and avllecas it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Assembly phase of Madrid Chairs. Three pavilions or artificial trees serve as support for multiple activities. December 11, Posted by: Although it was supposed to be completed in and is to be the site of 25, new homes, a considerable part of the Enscanche de Vallecas still offers the desolate landscape of an extensive, reticulated, developed but empty urban structure.

Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram! To increase even more the cooling potential a ring of water nozzles, also computer controlled, is placed right at the top of the shaft transforming this tower in a evaporative cooling device.

File:Madrid – Villa de Vallecas – Eco Boulevard 20.jpg

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The circular space at the base of the pavilions is finished with continuous paving of recycled rubber and equipped with benches. They are characterized by lack of street life and vallceas activity, turning them into dormitory cities. November 7, Posted by: The streets, asphalted and named, the paved footpaths, the zebra crossings painted in place and the traffic signals and streetlights are all alone, awaiting the ecobylevar of buildings and their future inhabitants.


The Prize acknowledges work that is considered emerging in the professional and public consciousness. This, combined with the use of solar energy through solar panels that are on the top, will provide electricity to operate them.

Works – PublicSpace

Hologramas work in progress. The CCCB is a consortium formed by: Hologram of Ecobulevar project.

This week we come with some good news in a row! Montalegre, 5 – Barcelona Tel.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. September 7, Posted by: We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality dw translations.

The first one is taking advantage of the of the basement damp walls of the windcacher itself, if there is enough humidity in the underground the basement walls will be constantly wet and when the wind tower is working as an valleecas intake the evaporation of the thin superficial layer of water will cool down the downward incoming stream of air.

A tubular sphere was placed in the middle of one of the most important boulevards of the exhibition rounded by fountains and water basins as a part of the bioclimatic design of the open space of the exhibition. Public Space for the Extreme: Each one of the three trees has different ecobbulevar and each one is focused on a different aspect of public space, dee in this case the most interesting is the northernmost one that was designed as a rack of twelve evaporative cooling towers grouped to form a semi-enclosed public space shaded and cooled by the bioclimatic tree.