The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Outer space inhabitants . Earthlight [Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Holsopple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Arthur C. Clarke was considered to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time.

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But it’s executed with such taut efficiency it holds up exceptionally, despite certain inevitable traits a more contemporary novel simply wouldn’t possess an utter absense of women in the cast, for one.

As is usual with ACC, women characters are non-existent. The convention ACC has used in every novel up to this point is a character through whom we can learn things–not the expert, but a reporter or eearthlight or investigator or someone who can be smarter than us but not too smart, so that he needs things explained to him.

It is a neat ending if a little underwhelming, which seems to encapsulate the novel. I think this is the best and most original use of that convention so far in Clrke novels.

Speculiction Review of “Earthlight” by Arthur C. Clarke

A typical science fiction novel of the s, where the technology of the distant future is imagined to be massive walls of diodes and dials. Clarke, published in It is quite refreshing to read. At the same time, for the most in many years, relationships between Earth and the Federation are quite strained.

This anticipates the later discovery of mass concentrations or Masconsby surveys of the Moon carried out prior to the Apollo landings by the Lunar Orbiter missions. However, there is far worse to be seen in the field of data processing in E E Smith! His quiet optimism, faith in science, and ability to tell straightforward but intriguing tales endeared him to a generation of fans that continues to this day. Bert is an accountant, officially sent to the Moon to check budget spending by the astronomers in Plato Crater.

Clarke Reading Challenge — October: The crew of Apollo 15 named several craters near their landing site at Hadley—Apennine for science fiction novels and one was named Earthlightfor Clarke’s book. Earthlight is a classic golden age SciFi story of the kind I grew up with in the 50s and 60s. Our principal protagonist, Sadler, is sent to the Moon, hundred years after mankind moved from the home planet to Moon and the closer planets, to audit the expenditure of its scientist communities.

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Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson. Which is what I would consider this book. He explains some updates to the novel’s science due to advancement made since when the novel was started.

In one scene they are travelling across the Moon and end up sinking in the sand in what has been fragmented by the alien’s energy beams. Must human advancement always take a back seat to one ideology or another, one group marking its territory at the expense of others, or of humanity as a whole? And even though its Cold War provenance is unmistakable, Clarke wisely steers clear of making the story an in-your-face metaphor for US-Soviet tensions or anything like that. Additionally, his descriptions of other planets hold up well for the modern knowledge about them.

Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction. This theme was also visited in the novel A Fall Of Moondu I am reviewing the hard science fiction novel Earthlight by Arthur C Clarke which is an excellent novel which I bought from kindle. Open Preview See a Problem? Retrieved 14 June The lack of any technological progress in astronomical observation in years is more embarrassing chemical photographic development still in use and automated supernova search being an tricky leading edge project.

They decided to send there an agent disguised as an accountant to investigate and catch the spy.

Arthur C. Clarke Reading Challenge 2013 – October: Earthlight

Preview — Earthlight by Arthur C. The opening chapter sets the stage for the whole tone of the book, in which we meet Sadler as he travels by train across the lunar surface to the Observatory. This is a fun s sci-fi book in the literal sense of the term. Clarke read of and the law earthlighf averages dictates that even with an author such as Clarke not all ten are going to be crackers.

Not bad, my good friend. Clark wrote good and thoughtfully premised science fiction, but lcarke characters are wooden and his situations are contrived. Clarke seems to relish in pointing out how different eearthlight real space battle would be, should they happen.


In summary, there are moments in Earthlight which look ahead to future Clarke novels, particularly in the scenes of great drama, peril and heroism as well as in the infrequent splendid descriptive sequences, but these are far outweighed by chapters whose saving grace is their brevity. Originally cladke init is an expansion to novel length of a short story that he had published four years earlier.

This novel was written in at a time when little was known about the Moon’s surface and in particularly people thought there was deep sand when actually very little erosion takes place as there is no atmosphere and no wind.

Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

One’s place of birth, or one’s entire species? Clarke is wistful and nearly poetic in the way he describes Sadler simply gazing out the train’s windows at the passing lunar deserts, its cliffs, craters, seas of moondust and sprawling mountains. Though it is short, it is more memorable than many seem to suggest and, although earthlightt is dwarfed by other Clarke successes, it seems to summarise a certain mood of its darthlight, and one which is light years away from its pulp predecessors.

I enjoyed this a lot more than I was expecting to. The plot synopsis on the wikipedia page for the novel is mostly mine I hope you evaded the spoiler on the denouement and one insight that it pained me to omit as original research was the idea that the historical model for the conflict was The War of The sarthlight describes how political tension between the government of a politically united Earth which maintains sovereignty over the Moon and independent settlers and traders elsewhere in the solar system who have formed a federation, erupts into warfare over the terms for the availability to the Federation of scarce heavy metals.

At the beginning of the story there is a colony on the moon and humans are in the process of colonising the planets of clake solar system. Mark Davis June 17, at 4: You can read here the reviews of all the other Arthur C.

Oh, I know there have been some swell recent SF books set on the moon.