1. CxÀ zÁézÀ±ÀB ¸ÉÆÛÃvÁæt ²æà UÀÄgÀĨsÉÆåà £ÀªÀÄB ºÀjB NªÀiï CxÀ ¥ ÀæxÀªÉÆÃzsÁåAiÀÄB ªÀAzÉà ªÀAzÀåA ¸ÀzÁ£ÀAzÀA ªÁ¸ÀÄzÉêÀA. Dwadasha Stotra is Composed by Madhvacharya. All 12 stotra are dedicated to lord Krishna. Dwadasha Stotra is recited before offering Food. To get the best result you should chant Dwadasha Stotra early morning after taking bath and in front of God Krishna Idol or picture. You should first understand .

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Acharya Madhva says that he has composed this stotra of Lord Hari as an aid to destroy ajnana and with great devotion to the Lord. The lotus like face of the Lord of Shri is effulgent with such brilliance that it can dwadashs be equaled even by thousands of full moons. While most of the stoyra stotras are praises of the Lord, the third stotra is actually a summary of Madhvacharya’s philosophy. In the brief length of 9 simple looking shlokas, Acharya Madhva has condensed the Dos and Donts of life in a heart touching and convincing manner.

Retrieved 18 June When one meditates on Him, the mind and Indriyas sensory organs will automatically get purified. Srimathkanteeravaasaya prathatha sunakara daari taarathi doora ……………………… Bhoori Bhagaihi Naaki vrindaihi. For those who remember Him constantly and meditate upon Him, attainment dwaasha Mukti is assured.

Santatam chintayetkantham bhasvatkaustubhabhasakamh Vaikunthasyakhila veda udgiryanteanisham yatah stotrra. By using this site, you agree to the Stootra of Use and Privacy Policy.

I will request the Admin of this website to upload that version, instead of the popular version. Shobha December 5th, at Udaram chintyam ishasya tanutveapi akhilambharam Valitrayankitam nityam arudham shriyaikaya 4.


It is also a ritual to recite the Dvadasha stotras at the time of “naivedya”[2] or offering of food to God at Madhva temples. I prostrate before Him. He has His essential nature and body consisting of Bliss and Knowledge etc which are unique to Him and different from those in anybody else Vilakshana.

The mound contained the long-concealed icon of Sri Krishna stotga in the Dwapara Yuga had been worshipped by His own consort Rukmini devi.

Dwadasha Stotra

I will tell the web admin to upload his version of dwadasha stotras soon, instead of the currently available version. There have been numerous xwadasha compositions of Dvadasha stotras over the years.

Ultimate Video Apps Studio. He is free from the effects of the three Gunas constituting prakruti satva, rajas and tamas.

This collection is collectively counted as one of his 37 works, and is said to encapsulate the doctrine of Tattvavaada to a great deal of depth. Such a waist is to be contemplated. Such a stomach should be contemplated. When Indira looks at some one with a half smile, he attains the greatest position dwadwsha ruling all the three worlds.

Dvaadasha Stotra

If the world is not in His control, why has it not attained eternal bliss? Brief Introduction to each of the shlokas 2.

Their main task is to protect the world always. Dvadasha stotra is a series of 12 Stotras composed by Sri Madhvacharya, the 13th-century founder of the Tattvavada or Dvaita school of philosophy. Therefore, stotrs your thinking about worldly affairs and immerse your mind in contemplation of His lotus feet. After offering his obeisance to Vasudeva KrishnaAcharya Madhva describes the great and unique attributes of Sri Hari in the this second stotra. Varun M Tayur See more.


Santatam chintayetkantham bhasvatkaustubhabhasakamh Vaikunthasyakhila veda udgiryanteanisham yatah 7. Therefore, do your prescribed duties always with reverence to the feet of the Lord.

One popular account is that once, when Srimad Anandateertha was meditating at what is now called the Malpe beach near Udupi stoyra, a ship in distress in the sea came to his attention; he waved his upper garment, causing the fearsome winds and the angry seas to subside, enabling the ship to reach the shore safely with its cargo and crew intact.

Entities like Karma, Avidya, Doshas, Time, the three Gunas etc can not attain Lordship of this world as it is well known that they are Jada incapable of knowledge. He is like the fire in the oceans which dries up the waters of the pride of evil persons. I offer my salutations to Him.

He has a wife Ramaa, who is His beloved. Seshagiri Rao December stogra, at Dwadash Stora is dedicated tto Lord Krishna; it is believed that while offering Food to god we should recite Dawadasha stora which means we are requesting God to accept oue offerings.

He has destroyed all enemies — both internal and external to Him. Smareta yamininatha sahasramitakantimath Bhavatapapanodidhyam shripateh mukhapankajamh 8. Dwadasha Stotra was composed by Acharya Madhva. Such a face should be remembered. Vande vandyam sadanandam vasudevam nirajanamh Indirapatimadyadi varadesha varapradamh 1.

You destroy the misery of your sstotra. How can they remain impure? Therefore, why should anyone having sense not do it?