This seems only to have strengthened Drycha’s resolve, for she rules the other Outcasts as a twisted queen in the place of their estranged mother. Drycha herself. hey there. I have a question about Drychas ability Colony of Flitterfuries. As far as I can read it, if she is in range of friendly units, this ability will. Drycha, the Briarmaven of Woe, is a powerful spirit of Athel Loren. Long ago, Drycha held court amongst the roots of Addaivoch, the once-glorious creature.

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Unlike Khorne, Sylvaneth have no buff game to speak of. Clouds of spites whirled across the battlefield, tangling and biting as they went. A fleet of Foot we spring from our forests, reaping our foes lives with Mortal Wounds, before vanishing back drychq the woods, leaving those still alive confused and broken.

For example, here’s a gnarlroot battalion without Alarielle that also brings along Free Spirits. You really want first turn. Her first incarnation was mediocre, gules there was a big drawback for both; an army containing her could only have units with the Forest Spirit rule.

If you squeeze in Alarielle which you really should consider as she’s effectively points after that free summon there’s even less choice.

Do not use them as you would Dryads. The reaping is for hurting anyone who gets into melee. I have read some battle reports where drycha was used as a blitzer of sorts, charging in early game to take out key elements of the opponent’s army. Views Read Edit View history. Drycha herself remains an agent of anarchy and destruction, though she retains a grudging loyalty to her mother goddess.

You get to restore one dead Kurnoth model every turn with the Gnarlroot spell too. Let us look at them in detail.


Mobs of Ardboys advanced in ragged ranks, eager rulee the fight but aware dules were hugely outnumbered. They have only the tiniest bit of synergy with her, and with a 5″ move plenty of non-synergy. This is pretty damn good, actually. So while Spite Revenants debuff enemy bravery, it’d be better to just deal more wounds to the target outright. Pick your general based on whichever general trait you want.

The problem is that he slows her down.

Drycha – 1d4chan

They dryfha provide little distraction since they all tend to come in from the front. All three can appear 4″ from the enemy and apply points of pressure to frycha very narrow frontage. Being able to put rerolling hits and wounds with the Hand of Glory spell on a big hitting model like a Spirit of Durthu massively increases their effectiveness and but at the points boost to points he’s not the obvious auto include anymore.

This opens a lot of possibilities right there. Finally, and probably most meh is a Command that grants you higher Bravery in a huge circle. Make sure to buy those horrible Wyldwoods.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Sylvaneth

First turn you want to get those woods across the board, preferably on top of the objectives and as close to the enemy side as possible. Just try it dryha, experiment and if you find some other worthwhile tactic, come and expand this article with it.

Consider some endless spells to boost those spell slots. However, the usefulness of this is questionable for us. This can be used to, for example, set up a unit of Kurnoth Hunters crycha said Wyldwood and then Treesong the Wood along with the Hunters towards the opponent, filling more of his table half with the Wyldwood and rulles your Hunters closer.

Drycha’s hatred was so fierce that she was easy prey for the demon prince Bea’lakor. So while she’ll no longer be dealing out quite as much Battleshock Nor mortal wounds from her Primal Terror powershe’ll no longer need to heed the presence of friendly units when positioning herself and getting away from friendly units is easy when you can move 9″ no matter how much damage you’ve taken she is very much still a solo damage dealer.


Privacy policy Dryccha 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Unable to command her wayward daughter, but unwilling to destroy her, Alarielle was forced to name Drycha an Outcast herself. Unlike them, most Wargrove Battalions have very, rulse low minimum requirements that can become very big. To get first turn you’ll need to take a wargrove and drop the whole army in one drycna remember Wargroves can contain any number of Sylvaneth units alongside the requirements.

They can only do this once per game, not once per turn, but unlike the Heartwood Wargrove, they don’t have to roll for it, they just do. They are, fittingly, the Elves of Ruels except, you know, they are not Elves: Given the lacklustre unit requirements it’s probably only worth it if you can find some worthwhile Duardin units; given the rage over the state of the fyreslayers, steampunk guys and dispossessed, take another look at this when GHB comes out. Your ad here, right now: Low cost of and an amazing flexibility of eight different spells, of which you choose drucha “when setting up this model” double check your tournament allows you to fo this!

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