Drives headphones directly; Variable output drives powered speakers or a power amplifier; Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver; Accepts music files up to. Buy AudioQuest – DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier: Amps – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. : Audioquest DragonFly USB DAC Preamp Headphone Amp Version Home Audio & Theater.

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Free Expedited Shipping dceydwecwycbstubrfwfcczaccwxxztray. This little DAC produces better sound quality than products costing two to three times as much.


When the original DragonFly flew into our testing rooms back init was a breath of fresh air. Line earth independent left and right out left and right with an emphasis on sound quality. Excellent sound from my six year old iMac. Absolute transparency; presenting drwgonfly audio the way it was meant to audioquext heard.

Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. The only drawback for me is that I would love to drive my T50RP mk3 with it!

You can look at this positively, probably it can drive most headphones. Audioqudst Red color is made of a glossy-shiny paint.

It has better audio quality, lower power consumption and its totally compatible with y with Android and iOs without any trick needed like the Dfagonfly 1. Improved Bit Digital Performance For greater overall performance, the new DragonFly models also incorporate improved bit ESS Sabre Auidoquest chips—the in Black and the higher-performance in Red—both of which employ minimum-phase filtering for naturally detailed, more authentic sound.


What I got is a very pleasant smooth sound that impress mostly in long listening session. You can have the best headphones audloquest the world, but they won’t sound their best until you haver a proper DAC. However it has too much power for the M50x, it’s not that quiet with the Windows System volume at just 1, 3 is comfortable listening volume and 4 is loudish and anything above volume 5 and it’s very loud.

It will push the dynamics of the aidioquest with no trouble. StereociliaMay 9, Of course to unlock the full potential a tube amp is recommended. The sound-signature is very natural and smooth with amazing soundstage depth and overall clarity and detail retrival.

See any errors on this page? StereociliaMay 4, A little about my musical tastes: Plus, English is not my native language and to write this review my first one took time and patience.

DragonFly · DACs · AudioQuest

Of course the Amp section was very good, and with 3 gain stage, you can almost drive any headphone on the market with good results. I bough both, the Dragonfly 1. And it did,DragonFly Red tamed audioqufst treble quite well and mostly removed the harshness from cymbals, piano.


It seems like every year a new DAC product is labeled “revolutionary” to the industry. Your review has been submitted for approval. I bought it for myself as a present for a professional milestone.

To store your precious Dragonfly RED, you got a nice leather case with the Dragonfly logo on it, also very nice touch.

AudioQuest DragonFly Red

Check this info and compare between all models. It’s like to get 2 device in one. The maximum volume is still high and sound is very refined. I even used it on a heath kit amp to drive my iPhone as a preamp and dac!!!

For the first time for me it was obvious that I got a better sound. So the pairing is just average in my opinion.

Meanwhile, with its higher 2. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The vocal and instruments appear to be well balanced and clear.