The doctrine of signatures is the age-old belief that plants resemble the very body physician Paracelsus () was a notable advocate of the doctrine of. Key Words: Doctrine of signatures, medicinal plant selection, medicinal plants, organoleptic properties, transmission of knowledge, Paracelsus, signatures. The Doctrine of Signatures may have been a medical concept of the ancient was revived by “Paracelsus” (Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), a.

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The concept of signatures is reflected in the common names of some plants whose shapes and colors reminded herbalists of the parts of the body where they were thought to do good, as for instance:.

There is one concept that underlies all work in plant spirit shamanism, which is that nature itself will tell you what they are used for paracelaus its well-stocked medicine cabinet is right in front of us every day. The same may be said for corn silk, the long, slender rhizome of couchgrass and the long, trailing stems of the procumbent uva-ursi. Thus, it is associated with the faculty that is cutting, separating, and reductionistic, thinking.

The rose family, with its innumerable fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, paraccelsus, peach, pear, rosehip, etc.

Stomach Cooling and strengthening. Retrieved 7 March The signature of the following herbs is their thin, thread-like stems and root, suggesting the sewing up of skin lesions: It also grows on wet sands, so it is remedy for the kidneys.


The Doctrine of Signatures – Natura Sophia

These usually act on the kidneys and balance male hormones. Plants that grow at the edge of docteine and solid personify the lesson of Grandfather Turtle, who raised up the first Earth in the beginning of time. Presto, it worked perfectly, and has always worked on what is called ‘lichenification’ in dermatology — the skin looks like a sage leaf.

Long, tubular structures are, however, also signatures for the urinary tract. Hairy or furry plants often are beneficial for the intestines and lungs, where the mucosa are covered with a downy velvet. Goethe proposed that science be based upon the use of the imagination and intuition. The putrid smell, as we have in scrophularia, indicates affinity for low, putrid states.

Rather, it was the correspondent of liver in the creation, in the yellow, bile-like sap of celandine, which treated the liver in the human being. One time I read in Adam and Eden that sage was good for skin conditions that looked like wrinkled like sage leaf. Genesis is written in archetypes that are frequently pointed out by wordplays.

Onion and garlic have hollow tubes, like the bronchial tubes, while calamus looks like a trachea and is a great remedy for tracheitis.

Ground Pine, Savine, Birth Tree. What it does not have is Airy or Fiery qualities — the flowers are little, hard to pollinate, and seldom bear viable seed. Michel Foucault expressed the wider usage of the doctrine of docfrine, which rendered allegory more real and more cogent than it appears to a modern eye:. They both pointed out the pair of white hooks resembling snake fangs, so that I would remember it.


The flower essence is used for TMJ in snappish people and I have used it also for cranial adjustments. Water corresponds to the emotional realm, to connections with others, to feeling connected and a part of something greater than oneself. This is a virtue to which white academia is blind.

Doctrine of signatures

John’s wort Hypericum perforatumand gentian Gentiana spp. Ah, to be a poet.

Hence, oak is a powerful astringent. These plants are high in minerals and bitters that cleanse the blood and liver.

The signatures or hints given by certain characteristics of plants can be easily broken down into categories. Such survivors of chemical agriculture are, indeed, entitled to be thought of as blood purifiers.

Fire hot and dryAir hot and dampWater cold and dampEarth cold and dry. Shamanism The Three Selves of the Shaman. Sometimes paracelaus is a black covering over the white roots, but these are all bone-healers in one way or another.

It is considered a ‘counter-irritant’ in the old medicine, meaning that it irritates the skin and brings blood to the area. Paracelsus and Frances Bacon both advocated this kind of thought, but had opposite views about it.