One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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Obtained by beating a player with a win streak of 20 or more. There are 45 in all, but unless you’re godly at the game, or have the tenacity to practice for hours on end day in and day out, you stand little chance of getting 20 Straight Wins online or achieving an SS rank. Playing as Eliot Primary Notes- First off I want to state that it is imperitive that you do not just punch with Elliot.

Computer -The computer kind of sucks with Helena. Now in the lists that you’ve provided, the 4. Human -Just follow the same rules as fighting the computer, he doesn’t vary much between the computer and good players.

Computer -The computer likes to make a few quick jabs or kicks before starting a combo. Featuring only 56 moves in her sparring list whereas most characters have 80 or 90she’s not going to be as versatile as the other characters you’ll have unlocked by the time you finally get around to beating the game with Helena which is the prerequisite for unlocking Nicole.

Zack What does Zack’s antenna do? Guire -People tend to button mash with Kokoro so let them and simply step bait them to deal quite a bit of extra damage. Many of his more confusing actions come as a result of the Hayate-Gake movement quarter circle d to f, Fwhich incorporates a bit of a feint.

System – Frame data of all DOA4 characters | Free Step Dodge

What to do and When And some serious Countering Help When it comes down to it this game is basically rock, paper, scissors. Button mashers will often fall back on do4 combinations which, when learned, can sometimes be easily blocked.

There is a railing in the median you can jump over, as well as take explosive damage from the sign. It’s crucial you know what this button is! A lot of the time I have found a simple punch, punch, throw will work very well here. This is more thoroughly described in the Characters section. Although these moves can do a decent amount of damage in a small amount of time, the final kick often has a delay in front of it, allowing your opponent to easily counter you.


This is the move I would suggest performing if the first combo isn’t working for some reason. In fact as a general rule, always be prepared to midkick counter, step forward, and immediately throw as doing this after ANY midkick counter will do sufficient damage.

To unlock the additional system voices, you need to use them in sparring mode and complete all of their Exercise modes, which will take you through their entire movelist. Human -Watch for multiple mid punches. Forums New posts Search forums.

Dead or Alive 4 Walkthrough

A final quick note is that you do not have to do the p,p. A few suggestions I have for people having trouble setting controls. Disregard any directional arrows they give you.

Back off when you knock her down until she has stood back up then quickly get back in to fight. You’re supposed to beat Time Attack with 2 rounds per match, not one, in order to get the costumes. General Strategies These are some general tips to help get you started on learning Dead or Alive 4. He doesn’t deal an insane amount of damage with his combos, but he has a good number of feint animations with many of his moves, which a skilled player will be able to incorporate in order to show one attack before delivering something entirely different.

Combat Oda4 Unlock Last Edited: Brad’s lying-down throws are a great way to punish an opponent that gets too close after knocking you down.

If she begins to hit you with this immediately begin to low counter, as 3 of those kicks hit you low and you are bound to catch one. In addition to many confusing movement options during this stance, try busting out something like the Jashu-Rengeki-Sasso u, P, K, d, Pgujde has a medium punch, a high kick, and then a low punch, and is very difficult to block.

It’s simple and pretty effective. When playing against quick characters, you’re likely to just get pounded unmercifully while you attempt to roll around, unless you’re skilled at playing Ayane.


Most of the AI opponents are very aggressive, choosing to close in on you and unleash combos or throws; attempting to block in these conditions will be difficult. You’ll be confusing people in no time.

This teleportation is much easier to pull off than that of Kasumi, since you don’t need to counter an attack to perform it, and is a bit quicker than Ryu’s, although it can’t be converted directly into an attack.

More walkthroughs and faqs Dead or Alive 4 cheats Dead or Alive 4 forums. Make sure you start straight down and press the joystick out hard so that you hit every one of the 8 directions and end up back at down. If you’re standing in the open, your normal punch combo won’t guie far enough to hit your gudie, but if you enter into a Kasetsu-Sho attack while you’re still performing the throw animation f, P, Pyou should be able to connect with them as they drop.

Computer -The computer isn’t all that good with Kokoro considering how deadly she can actually be. Stand at the edge of their attack range. If you’re playing against someone who repeatedly backs away after knocking you down and comes in dos4 a running dash move, then set yourself up with a block or hold and get set to fight back. She should do a backhand punch and then stumble forward.

Computer -The computer at times seems too good with Hayate. I’m going to list some of the basic tips and strategies needed to get you a heads up in tag mode. You should be able to tell what kind of attack you’re going to be letting loose by the button press; otherwise, all of these moves are in your sparring program.

Dead or Alive 4 Strategy Guide

Try blocking the first blow that Bass throws at you, then quickly tapping your high attack hold combo before the next strike guidw. In English and Japanese. Nassau Station The Halo themed stage. Some of these are straight teleports, while others will let you either throw your opponent or land a devastating attack.

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