Hydrogen water torches are similar to blow torches, but they work at much higher temperatures. One of the major advantages of using a. DIY HHO Torch (Water Torch) for Only $4: Introduction: In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt sm. Introduction: In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt small pieces of metals like tin cans. This.

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This guy is using pure oxygen and hydrogen, premixed. Bubbles will start to form in the water. Shamless plug to my own little micro torch oxy-gas, not hydrogen:. How to Make a Hydrogen Torch.

DIY HHO Mini Torch | Hackaday

Reading comprehension failure, I suppose. Warning Wear safety goggles when using your hydrogen torch.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Well, you can put your safety in his hands if you want. References Five Shades of Green Energy: When used properly, there is usually an excess of hydrogen ratio 4: Commercial hydrogen torch units e. Yes — simply change HHO to oxyhydrogen and that would solve it. The gas in my system was minimal less than 5ml in the wet cell electrolyser and ml in the bubbler, a flash back would only produce a nice pop.

So what does this get used for?

How to Make a Hydrogen Torch | Sciencing

Heh, I started making on of these with some thin copper tube, worked decently but I was just feeding directly off what I was making, not a reserve so there was barely any flame, and yeah, it back flashed and blew the cork out of the bottle a couple times XD.

  ISO 3511-3 PDF

They can melt platinum. Learn ciy your comment data is processed.

This seems like the perfect recipe for scraping bits of the would-be welder off the walls. Fill the end of your neoprene tube with steel wool packed as tightly as possible, and then insert a basketball pump needle into the tube.

Looking around on their site, they even have needles mounted in pipe thread fittings, ready ddiy use as nozzles! Lindsay Wilson — imajeenyus: Notify me of new comments via email.

DIY HHO Mini Torch

Seriously, check out the Instructable and see for yourself! Never store these gases together you will kiss and mame. Types of Gas Welding.

If you are intent on blowing yourself up with a 2: So… what does such a torch get used for? Too loud to do that in the city, now, though.

Tip When you are ready to use your hydrogen torch, light the end of the basketball pump needle with a match. Or, in this case, the container. Wrap a piece of wire around each of the carbon rods, and attach the other end of each wire to a contact on a 9 volt battery. Instead, the hydrogen torch produces just water while working at temperatures that can weld refractory metals a normal torch can’t.

Email required Address never made public. There are usually two arrestors used on the tubing, one at nho torch end and one at the tank end. People building and using these things would certainly need some superpowers, such as being immune to damage from flying debris…. This allows you to adjust and control the oxygen-fuel ratio entering the torch. Not to mention, the standard of cleanliness for pipework and valves that contain oxygen is quite high.


Used to run it for scrap cutting till they phased out the old style tanks. I never heard of any accident involving torcch of these devices, and I have been in the trade for quite some time now.

Fill a glass container with two cups hhoo water and a teaspoon of salt. Commercial flashback arrestors or one-way valves would be a must.

Shamless plug to my own little micro torch oxy-gas, not hydrogen: Also the gas cools the nozzle continuously as it flows past. Ah, Sorry I do see what you mean about heating the inert gasses.

Is that valve, pipe compound, etc oxygen-safe? You can even make one yourself using materials available to the average consumer. I would strongly recommend you set up the electrolysis cell with hydrogen captured at the cathode dly oxygen captured at the anode, without mixing them, and piped separately to the torch with two independent tubes and mixed at the torch with a pair of valves.

Insert the carbon rods, with the wires hanging out and the 9 volt battery resting outside the container. Fascinated by hydrolysis apparatuses?