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Buy DIN FURNITURE – DESIGNATIONS AND THEIR USE from SAI Global. Language: German. Written by: DIN. International title: Furniture – Designations and their use. Article no: STD Edition: Approved: 4/1/ DIN – Amendments. Replaces DIN Loading recommended items Loading recommended items Loading recommended.

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The tanning process prevents the decay of animal skin.

Especially the use of “Textile Leather” is forbidden. In the long run, it will help the reputation of leather both as a material and ein as an industry, when customers are clearly informed and do not need to be suspicious. Sometimes there are even different rules for different uses of leather within a country.

If a product is not leather, this information must be easy to find and clearly explained to the consumer. At the top, the fibre intertwining is denser and more stable. It is difficult for the customers to find out if it’s really ” Genuine Leather “. Materials which are produced from milled or shredded leather have to be clearly marked.

Suedenubuckbuckskinanilinesemi-anilinepigmented leatherfull graincorrected 6887bycastgreased leather, waxed leather, oiled leatherfur and a lot more. The surfaces of leather objects relevant to their use must consist predominantly of genuine leatheror may otherwise not be so described.

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Also the car manufacturers up to the higher price ranges are increasingly using coated split leather for the unloaded areas door panels, headrests, steering wheels without a clarifying declaration. Today’s leather goods are well-regulated and, apart from rare exceptions, free of toxins.


Unfortunately, the declarations – especially when buying online – are very often wrong. Many manufacturers of high-priced vehicles in Germany process split leather in car interiors without specifying it in the material description. The density of intertwining varies from species to species. Daneben gilt DIN noch bis The leather is then like a low-grade wood veneered with exotic wood.

Refer to the information about ” genuine leather “. Most customers thought they were buying Genuine Leather. DIN April It can be produced from different animal species. Video about the production of split leather and PU leather. But norms and regulations help in case of disagreements and are cited by experts in legal disputes.

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January Number of pages: Steep Taper Retention Knobs. Purchase More information add to basket. In countries like France the rules are much stricter. Leather is a noble, natural, durable and warm material, which is mainly used to make shoesfurniturecar interiorsclothing and leather bags. Build your compilation Add to a compilation Add to a compilation create a compilation without subscription wuthout subscription with subscription Build a watch list Add to the watch list.

Therefore, always get confirmation of the material description in the invoice! Buttery soft garment leather can be produced as well as hard and stiff leather soles and leather belts. Option to visualize changes at a glance.

Genuine leather and artificial leather are different materials, where leather is the higher quality material. Tanning is probably an accidental discovery. Originally, furs and hides of captured animals gave protection from cold and humidity in the form of blankets, clothingshoes or boots.


Terms fin conditions for Customized compilation of standards Contact us Accessibility. Imitation leather with leather fibres glued to the reverse, but at first glance it looks like real leather. Basically, the relevant materials have to be declared unequivocally for example “artificial leather bag with leather decoration”.

If the outside surfaces are not of grain leather, the declaration could be, for example, “Leather sofa – back and sides split leather”. Idn work chair – Part 2: Destruel Date of publication: Descriptions like “leather Look” and “leather-like” should be understandable, but also depend on the local language and the way how consumers interpret such descriptions. Machine Tool Taper Identification.

Depending on the country, the local language and tradition, descriptions like “Faux Leather”, “Faux Fur” might also be confusing for the consumer. Office furniture – Desks and tables. SSK grippers are not only suitable for clamping tools, but also workpieces or workpiece holders and pallets on machining centers, milling machines, boring machines, grinding centers, special purpose machines, and handling systems.

Different languages and countries have different terms used to describe leather and types of leather. Machine Tool Dih Maintenance.