Zitadelle des Zauberers, Die by Jackson, Steve. Edition: 2. softcover. fast ohne Mängel, höchstens einmal gelesen. Bibliographic information. QR code for Die Zitadelle des Zauberers. Title, Die Zitadelle des Zauberers Volume 2 of Ein Fantasy-Abenteuer-Spiel-Buch. Get this from a library! Die Zitadelle des Zauberers. [Steve Jackson].

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Die Zitadelle des Zauberers : Ein Abenteuer-Spielbuch

Wizard Books Series 1 edition. Bookseller Completion Rate This reflects the percentage of orders the seller zaubererz received and filled. Great Britain, Wizard Books, Normal sort of FF story. A fantasy adventure in which YOU are the hero!

Die Zitadelle des Zauberers : Steve Jackson :

The plotline here is pretty thin; it’s just you, a known adventurer bravely heading into the castle of Balthus Dire, one of the three nasty Necromancers. Jackson, Steve United Kingdom. Antiquariaat Klondyke Professional seller. I’m sure many fans of this book will remember the area that the Ganjees inhabit and how difficult it can zitade,le to pass that critical checkpoint.

Personally, I found this showdown to be almost equivalent to the video-game showdown of Link and Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda: It’s interesting that Wizard chose this as their second to republish. Uniform tanning of the text block edges and pages. Jagged logo, original cover edition.

He does deserve credit for the occasional amusing detail, though, and it was nice to know that female goblins do exist see section Many of my instant deaths occurred at this point; I spent the majority of my 30 reads trying to either take an alternative route to bypass the Ganjees which, from my experience, one cannot do or to find that must-have magical item needed to advance.

The tense, back-and-forth action was great and concluded the book nicely once it was all said and done. While sometimes frustrating and even very random at times, I like the idea of needing certain items in order to advance to subsequent areas. There’s also Jackson’s first attempts at a magic system, but it really isn’t a very big part of the book.


This gamebook has sat untouched on my shelf for at least the last 10 years, so I figured it was finally time to dust it off and explore a book that I had heard about throughout the years but had never personally experienced.

Illustration de Peter andrew Jones. The London Bookworm Professional seller. Jackson’s talents definitely lie more diie game design than with actual writing — his text just seems flat most of the time, and his tendency towards padding out sections by mentioning passageways that you can’t follow is simply annoying. I really like the final encounter with Dire; it’s not just another fight against a high skill enemy, it’s far more exciting as you are able to choose the methods to beat him.

Add to want list. Learning 72 pages, bibliography, appendices. Dustwrapper repeats cover design. Overall, this book was a fantastic experience that really made me appreciate the power of RPG gamebooks. The balancing on the enemies is done very nicely, and it’s zitadellf replayable. Ball, Robert Scholastic edition – dfs Corben, Richard American edition – cover Emmanuel Original edition – cover, Jagged logo, original cover edition – cover Jenkins, Kevin Wizard Books Series 1 edition – cover, Wizard Books Series 2 edition – cover, American reissue edition – cover Krizan, Vlado Scholastic edition – zitadellf Miller, Ian Jagged logo, second cover edition – cover, Dragon logo, unnumbered cover edition – cover, Dragon logo, numbered cover edition – cover Nicholson, Russ Original edition – interior, Wizard Books Series 1 edition – interior, Wizard Books Series 2 edition – interior, American reissue edition – interior, American edition – interior, Jagged logo, original cover edition – interior, Jagged logo, ves cover edition – interior, Zwuberers logo, unnumbered cover edition – interior, Dragon logo, numbered cover edition – interior.


Steve Jackson Games Inc. If you leave the library 18 to approach the dining area 31it says you come from the Game Room. First Edition, First Printing.

While one can easily cheat and perhaps make it through this area quicker and easier, I prefer to take the more methodical approach and start again, and again, and again without any cheating whatsoever–personally, I find it to be much more satisfying in the long run. A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier.

I found the setting of The Citadel of Chaos to be very creepy and surreal–almost something out of the movie, Suspiria. Having never read a Fighting Fantasy book as a kid and as an adult, I was not quite sure what to expect in terms of role-playing.

More reviews by Braxus. After having been so accustomed to the traditional Choose Your Own Adventure -style gamebooks with little to no advanced role-playing mechanics like diceI was amazed by the pure breadth of options available on seemingly every progression in the book made possible through the use of the book’s stat-keeping and dice-rolling.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: England, Puffin Books, Unpaginated, but roughly 35 pp. What makes Biblio different? Crown of Kings Fighting Fantasy.

Item – The Citadel of Chaos Original edition. Please log in to manage your collection or post a review. This is a bit jarring, but it doesn’t seem to actually harm the flow of the adventure.