Death Without Weeping. Has poverty ravaged mother love in the shantytowns of Brazil? by Nancy Scheper-Hughes. I have seen death without weeping to angry. Nancy Scheper-Hughes. · Rating details · ratings · 44 reviews. When lives are dominated by hunger, what becomes of love? When assaulted by daily . Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil. Nancy Scheper- Hughes. Berkley: University of California Press, p., ilustrações.

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By allowing themselves to bond only to those babies who have already demonstrated their ability to survive by doing aithout through early infancy, these women can increase the life chances of their strongest children. Weepign goes very deep into the reasons behind the daily actions of the people living in Bom Jesus and the ways they handle the trauma of death that surrounds them constantly.

Her many publications include two award-winning books published by California, “Death Without Weeping”and “Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics” A Knack for Life: A beautifully written, honest portray of life in Brazil and constant violence due to famine, poverty and death.

Bringing her readers to the impoverished slopes above the modern plantation town of Bom Jesus de Mata, where she has worked on and off for 25 years, Nancy Scheper-Hughes follows three generations of shantytown women withou they struggle to survive through hard work, cunning and triage.

Besides the description of the violence in Brazil she gives very interesting insights of the strategical nacny of this violence to establish control and sustain inequalities. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to understand favela life.

Mar 04, meghan rated it it was amazing. Medicine, Sickness, and Human Needs Chapter 6: The blog analysis below might be useful to you. Services on Demand Journal. Around 87 per cent of child deaths occurred in the poorest districts of Bom Jesus. Aeeping 22, Shul rated it liked it Shelves: According to Scheper-Hughes, modern ideas about “mother love,” and about mother-infant bonding as a biologically determined process that normally occurs in the first few moments of a baby’s life, are the cultural product of the demographic transition which allows women to give birth to only a few children, each of which she may anticipate raising to adulthood.


Nervoso Medicine Sickness and Human Needs. I enjoyed it and found it to be really eye opening.

While you may not agree with every interpretation, you have to give NSH credit for her boldness. From observing and participating in life in the shantytown, Scheper-Hughes derives her most controversial conclusions.

Dec 28, Sara rated it really liked it. In this book, Nancy Scheper-Hughes delves into the lives deqth the people of Bom Jesus name changed for privacy and how they and their children are starving to death every day. Was a difficult read, but only because of the sad subject matter. Out of the Depths Epilogue: The Everyday Tactics of Survival Chapter All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Table of Contents Prologue: Aug 21, Kristin rated it ceath liked it Shelves: All I can say is, I love that ethnographers are subtly or not undermining the work of analytic philosophers It’s one of the few books that I nabcy read which inspired me to do additional research.

This is a brave book, if not for its subject matter, then at the very least for its broad interpretive strokes.

See 2 questions about Death Without Weeping…. University of California Press, According to Scheper-Hughes, the mothers’ sense of powerlessness to control the causes of death, and familiarity with the symptoms which may foretell scheper-hghes, lead them to exercise a kind of triage through which stronger babies, those that have a “knack for living,” are favored, while the weaker, those who seem to lack the will to live, are allowed to slip away with little grief.

Whether or not you believe her withojt of the ‘loveless mother’, this book still captures life in a Brazilian shantytown quite well.

Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil by Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Refresh and try again. Nov 18, Ryan Mahon rated it really liked it. Anthropology to what end? I read it when writing my undergraduate thesis and quite liked it. Set in the lands of Northeast Brazil, this is an account of the everyday experience of scarcity, sickness and death that centres on the lives of the women and children of a hillside “favela.


The preceding outline of the main themes of this book does little justice to its literary quality and the fire of compassion scheper-hughex lights it.

Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil

This book is very sad, but very good. For all of the happy-ending-story-loving people out there — be warned!

Feb 08, Michelle rated it liked it. These dead babies are seen as going straight to heaven, where eventually they will be reunited with the rest of the family. This is a disturbing, controversial, and deeply moving book, based on the author’s experience, in the ‘s as a Peace Corps worker and in the ‘s as a social anthropologist, among the poor of the Pernambucan Zona da Mata.

It’s an amazing book that really gets you thinking about contextually redefining our ideas about certain aspects of being human. Jun 07, Carrie rated it it was amazing. A Political Economy of the Emotions Chapter Sweetness and Death Chapter 2: Books by Nancy Scheper-Hughes. This was an amazing read. Return to Book Page. This is a heart-wrenching ethnography about life in Northern Brazil.

Mar 21, Karem Diaz rated it really liked it. I read the first chapter of this for a class last semester, and now I have to tackle a lot more of it for another class this semester. O Nordeste Sweetness and Death.