This book was important when Osama bin Laden was alive and a seemingly never ending hunt was on for him. But, now, in the backdrop of his death due to an. Jan 17, The Paperback of the Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad by Bruce Riedel at Barnes & Noble. by. Bruce Riedel. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. Pakistan and the United States have been locked in a deadly embrace for decades. Successive.

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I found some fact interesting, but the approach is typically that of the administration s and dont get the local culture. This book seeks to unravel this paradox, revealing and interpreting the tortuous path of relations between two very different nations, deaadly remain, in many ways, stuck with each other.

Kyle Monsees rated it it was amazing Sep 12, One of the best geo political analysis of the most troubled region in the world. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Author presents the history of U. So, I haven’t read it.

Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad

It explains the mistakes of certain policy makers that did not help in ending terrorism at a time when it was controllable but instead brought it to the sad state it is now. Obama brought him in for an assessment, 90 days, of what was really going on. In “Deadly Embrace”, Bruce Riedel explores the forces behind these developments, explaining how and why the history of Pakistan-U.

The information surrounding each ruler’s rise and rule is detailed bruc sacrificing reader attention. Return to Book Page. Physical description xiii, p.

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It also outlines US decision to hob-nob with Pakistan’s military dictators at various points in last half a century, which has been to a great exten This book, written by Burce Riedel a former CIA officer and advisor to four US Presidents on Middle East and South Asian issuesis an indepth analysis of the US foreign policy towards Pakistan and its consequences in AfPak region.

What a book that was. As usual Reidel scripts an excellent narrative of the shit in South Asia, the subterfuge of Pakistan, the blindness of America, and the impotence of India. Jul 28, Gohram Khan rated it it was amazing. Book was published in and could use an updated preface incorporating rise of lone wolf terrorism and post-ISIS Pakistan. This background has helped set the Pakistan and the United States have been locked in a deadly embrace for decades.

Deadly embrace : Pakistan, America, and the future of the global jihad in SearchWorks catalog

This background has helped set the stage for the global jihad confronting much of the world today. The last chapter in the book summarizes that recommendation report, A brief primer on security dimension of US-Pakistan relations, specifically war on terror with necessary background information. A nice primer for terrorism and global jihad in pakistan. Riedel, a former C.

Mar 25, Shiv rated it it was amazing. Key Persons and Timeline. Narrow Short term interests from various American Presidents have let this rough relationship to continue, with periods of large expansion. Brookings Institution Press, c Pakistan, America, and the future of the global jihad.

Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad by Bruce Riedel

Feb 21, Terry Earley rated it liked it. The last chapter contains his experienced and embraxe but bound-to-be-unpopular-with-some recommendations of how to begin to get US-Pakistani relations back on track by building dialogue and trust. His recommendations, which after reading the preceding chapters, have the sound of pragmatism to them include resolving border disputes Afghanistan, Kashmir which necessitate a strong army and nuclear arms; helping Pakistan with its infrastructure water, education problems without the strings of past imposed “foreign aid” restrictions; engaging in embracf Pakistan’s civilian-elected leaders starting with the freely elected prime ministers and NOT focusing on single individuals who may be rogue leaders in the end e.


He’s been turned to by everyone that matters when it comes to the Jihad. Preview — Deadly Embrace by Bruce Riedel. He explains what the United States can do now to repair the damage and how it can avoid making similar mistakes in dealing with extremist forces in Pakistan and beyond.

But, so well written that folks that like mystery, wa While reading “Obama’s War” I discovered Bruce Riedel through Bob Woodward’s very solid newshound research. Riedel provides a history of relations between the U.

Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. The title is also a bit misleading, since global jihad only in context of emrbace operating from pakistan is discussed.

Extremely informative in terms of Pakistan’s tumultuous history of military and civilian rule. Much of Riedeel situation today is the result of its focus on its neighbour India –the rise of its military establishment, the ISI, the appeal of military dictatorships, the ambivalent attitude towards its MANY political and jihadist factions. Sep 21, Tauseef Zahid rated it liked it.