DataSheet: PDF icon UMpdf. UM66T is a melody integrated circuit. It is designed for use in bells, telephones, toys etc. It has an inbuilt tone and a beat. DESCRIPTION. The UTC UM66TXXL series are CMOS LSI designed for using in door bell, telephone and toy application. It is an on-chip ROM programmed for. BT66T is an easy to use 3 terminal Melody generator IC. It is mainly used in circuits where a tone has to be played as a notification for the user.

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UM66 Datasheet PDF

Component Description IC and Transistor. This is a simple project using the IC UM UM66 has an inbuilt beat and tone generator.

In this circuit please don’t give the supply beyond 3 volt without. The details about the IC can be found here http: Do not exceed 4. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. The circuit should not be run in Rechargeable battery also if the Speaker resistance is less datashest 8 Ohm and may burn the Transistor. If anyone want to reduce the volume of the circuit then insert a resistance in place of the blue line connection.


Interface GPS with Arduino. It has a 62 notes ROM to play music. The melody will be available at pin 3 of UM66 and here it is amplified ratasheet using Q1 to drive the speaker. What is Web Browser.

Touch Controlled Musical Bell. The circuit should not be run in Rechargeable.

It has an inbuilt tone and a beat generator. These frequencies are a factor of the oscillator frequency. The device has very low power consumption. Here the musical IC UM66 generates the music datasheett it receives. Four beats of these can be selected.

UM66 IC Datasheet | Melody IC Pin Diagram

This IC is easy to use because it can mu66 on low voltage 0. UM66T is a melody integrated circuit. Whistle to Beep Circuit. Powers the IC, typically with 3. The output of the IC that is the melody can be obtained at the pin BD pin3. In this circuit please don’t give the supply beyond 3 volt without modification as the IC may got dataasheet. Where can i buy Which is the nte replacement. If you get a distorted sound you can add uF electrolytic capacitor in parallel to C1.


I will add a voice recorder circuit soon. Connected to the ground of Circuit. The component details with cost is also with this.

Choosing Battery for Robots. C1 is used to decouple power supply to avoid inter-modulation oof output and IC. This is the simplest ever musical calling bell that can be easily built. Hello I cant get that circuit in digikey.

A set of 4 bits controls the scale code while 2 bits control the rhythm code. Skip to main content.

Melody Generator using IC UM66

This IC, with its three legs, looks like a transistor. What can be done to strengthen the multiplier circuit? TL — Programmable Reference Voltage.

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