(Varahlmibir) is writing this work Daivajna Vallabha dcaIiDg with the scienceof Horary Astrology. NOTES: It is customaryamongSanskrit writers to beginevery. Daivajna Vallabha (Electronic book text) / Author: Dr S.P. Bhagat ; ; Science: general issues, Science & Mathematics, Books. Daivajna Vallabha durch Varaha Mihira: Ein vedischer Astrologie-Text auf Fragenastrologie ( AD) (German Edition) – Kindle edition by Dietrich Krause.

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In the eleventh, they cause much gains. If M ercury, J upiter, V enus and Saturn are placed in trine to M ars or if the M oon is placed in trine to the Sun or if a strong planet is placed in the fifth place to the lord of the direction in which the querist desires to go, the person performs journey comfortably in the other direction.

There will be no loss of wealth in a query relating to money matters. The same houses are representatives of the limbs neck, shoulders, hands, sides flanksheart, bosom and navel. If many planets are placed in the ascendant mixed results are to be told.

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Daivajna Vallabha: A Forgotten Classic on Hindu Horary Astrology

I n all the houses mentioned in the shloka if there exists association with malefics the girl becomes a prostitute. Otherwise it will be one caused at a later stage. I n the 5th house, they will daivajma leakage of secret counsel.

If the ascendant falls in a dual sign both results happen. It will be so many years if it falls under Saturn. If a malefic dsivajna placed in the 6th, Kendra or 3rd daivaina the person is either lost, gone elsewhere or vallabah fallen from his position. Similar results are to be told when movable and fixed navamsas rise. House, treasure, entry valalbha caves and other holes, great medicines, cultivated lands, fields, orchards, friends, water, ceremonies in connection with ancestors, coming and going, village, happiness, demotions, loss of post, gains, entry into a house, increase, parents, deeds relating to one’s native country and gains therefrom – all these are to be judged from the fourth house.


If the M oon is placed in the 7th house with the Sun in the ascendant, Saturn and M ars in the 8th house and M ercury is placed in third house, the king and his minister are killed in the war. If V enus and M ars are placed in the ascendant enemies will increase in number and death from hunger results to the party attacked.

The astrologer, who proclaims good and bad results after a deep consideration of the ten Avasthas states of planets and the results arising from the different houses, never goes wrong. If the circumstances are mixed, results will also found to be of mixed nature.

Accordingly, if you are not daivaina whether material infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact an attorney. Please verify your birth date to continue. B ut if one of these planets be placed in the 12th house, he breaks his journey and returns- thus one ought to tell.

The signs G emini, V irgo, T ula, A quarius are termed human signs. If strong V enus aspects M ercury or the M oon placed in the ascendant, he will get a girl without any delay.


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If the M oon is on the right the object will be achieved. Also, the words of Siddh Vaishnava Dasa in Prasnavaisnava seem to prove conclusively that Varaha Mihira has been referred to as Hari in some works, and Sripati and Hari are only synonymous. Deeds of many kinds, humility, execution, planning, learning, Niti, intellect, hymns, chanting, compromise, pregnancy, children, intellect and happiness derived through children and wealth are matters to be judged from the fifth house.

Scholars, well versed in Horary Astrology declare that at the time when the lord of the 7th house from the ascendant of query becomes retrograde, the person in exile returns.

Daivajna Vallabha (Electronic book text)

If malefics are placed in the 3rd or 11th houses and benefics are situated in Kendras and T rikonas i. The M oon is not auspicious in the 8th house. If the ascendant falls in vallbaha biped or a quadruped sign and is aspected by a malefic planet troubles will arise.

If that planet is aspected by benefic planets, there will be a mole or mark on that part. If the ascendant falls in a Shirshodaya sign or in the sign of a benefic planet, the result of the query will be auspicious.