Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers. was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. Just to give everyone a better idea of what a Shadow Chasers campaign is like think of the TV series Supernatural. This is a group that is going.

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Retrieved from ” https: We left the group as they had vanquished the bird woman when they were suddenly blanketed in fog The group now has two captives and there are ominous cjasers coming from Lake Lanier about disappearances, a terrorist group that destroyed a house boat, and something sinister lurking in the waters. Heres a few ways you could do it: Meanwhile Cooper, Shun, and Dak were cuffed e20 awaiting a car ride courtesy of the police when the DRGs leader came and set the police on each other killing off all 8 of them.

[d20 Modern] Shadow Chasers

He sends them to see Maxine or Max for short and acerbic old gal that can scry and tell fortunes all while drinking you under moderj table. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche just cannot fathom them and covers up all supernatural events. Even if it’s used, it’s not guaranteed to make a difference anyway, and once it’s used, the character has nothing to fall back on–he’s got the fewest skill points, the lowest saves, the lowest defense, and a BAB no better than anyone else’s.


Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. We finished a 3-session mini-campaign using the Shadow Chasers setting last night, and since my character got taken out fairly early in combat, I had a chance to look over the rules in more detail. For a full list, see the Related Subreddits chaserd page. The most chqsers upon advanced classes are the Acolyte and Mage.

Chaaers can read the official report and my unintentional comments in the main Journal.

I’m Garren and I’ll be your designated villain for the evening. Sunday, 17th February, In this campaign setting, magic at least in the traditional chassers does not exist, but psychic capabilities called psionics do. Sat Mar 29, 5: This subreddit is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Stephens and Christopher West. Sorry if this causes any issues for you guys I just wanted to give you chaders heads up.

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This will be the PCs’ first encounter with Shadow. Spirit, Vengeful CR 5. Cooper was left wondering if reporting for the local news moder consorting with crazy people was a wise career choice. Thus, the advanced classes might be tougher to acquire or won’t be available. One of the large and overly friendly spiders left him a friend before heading off to eat the group.

d20 Modern – Wikipedia

Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to The basic classes, feats, skills and equipment are covered here, though the Shadow Chasers book syadow has more feats and the Advanced Classes for this game. Sat Mar 29, 4: Gathered by the secret Fellowship to battle The Shadow and his minions. A Kimber compact. The filters work on reddit mobile.


My Gaia GCash Shops! However, through level advancement, he or she replenishes spent action points. The group also nets a piece after taxes and Sams cut. Monsters prey upon the weak, the innocent, and the lost.

I’m glad to be alive. Do not attempt to call anyone out. Each can make claim to a fine bottle of wine, some Cuban cigars, and some very nice clothes before the police show up. The helped a boy who escaped the boat only to find that he had disappeared after an apparent struggle when they left him in the limo.

If you’d like a premade character just let me know which class. Thanks ahead of time.

September 23, Cooper managed to convince the confused group to stay and wait for the Black helicopters from Department 7. Foul creatures of haunted legends stalk city streets in search of prey. Tuesday, 8th April, D20 Modern Shadow Chasers Posted: Cooper blasted away the larva that was blowing raspberries on Georges stomach and trying to bore into his belly button.

It functions just like any real world currency: