C. altivelis was listed as ‘VU A4cd’ on the IUCN Red List in February by the IUCN Groupers and Wrasses Specialist Group (GWSG) in the. Geographic Range. The Barramundi Cod is generally found in the waters off the Northern Australian coast and as far as Western Australia. Although this fish is. Learn more about the Humpback grouper – with amazing Humpback grouper photos and facts on Arkive.

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Pacific short-bodied pipefish Choeroichthys brachysoma. Netfin grouper Epinephelus miliaris. Polka dot cod Facebook.

Human uses

Vatanakul V et al. This species is one of the most highly valued species in the live food fish trade ccromileptes in Hong Kong, where many tonnes are sold, coming principally from Indonesia, the Philippines and the Chinese Islands 1.

Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Nicobar Islands to Broome, Western Australia.

Cromileptes altivelis (humpback grouper)

Grouper Culture in Floating Net Cages. Bonin Island and Ryukyu Archipelago. The Barramundi Cod is a very distinctive looking fish. Fisheries Science, 65 3: Marine fish fauna in Hong Kong waters.

Also found around coral reefs and in tide pools. The humpback grouperpanther grouperor in Australia barramundi cod Cromileptes altivelis is a demersal marine fish which belongs to the family Serranidaethe groupers. Entered by Capuli, Estelita Emily. Preliminary investigation of feeding performance of larvae of early red-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides, reared with mixed zooplankton.


It is still unknown whether C. Sold in Hong Kong live fish markets Ref. Molecular phylogenetic relationships of China Seas groupers based on cytochrome b gene fragment sequences.

Fish biodiversity of India. They form the basis for rich communities of other invertebrates, plants, fish, and protists.

Humpback grouper

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Grouper and snapper aquaculture in Taiwan.

Feed on small fishes and crustaceans Ref. Food conditions of larvae, fry and juvenile of Epinephelus awoara in artificial culture. Head length contained 2. Juveniles display fewer, larger black spots, which become smaller and more plentiful as the fish matures 4. Hyporthodus acanthistius Rooster hind Hyporthodus darwinensis Darwin grouper Hyporthodus ergastularius Sevenbar grouper Hyporthodus exsul Tenspine grouper Hyporthodus flavolimbatus Yellowedge grouper Hyporthodus haifensis Haifa grouper Hyporthodus mystacinus Misty grouper Hyporthodus nigritus Warsaw grouper Hyporthodus niphobles Star-studded grouper Hyporthodus niveatus Snowy grouper Hyporthodus octofasciatus Eightbar grouper Hyporthodus perplexus Puzzling grouper Hyporthodus quernus Hawaiian grouper Hyporthodus septemfasciatus Convict grouper.

Sign our Guest Book. Humpback grouper threats The humpback grouper is threatened in Southeast Asia, where it is heavily exploited and its habitat is being degraded. Role of mariculture in securing food supply and reducing poverty in the Philippines.


Diseases of cultured groupers. Extant Epinephelinae species Groupers. Medium, minimum population doubling time 1. Food selection of early grouper, Epinephelus coioides, larvae reared by the semi-intensive method. There is a minimum capture size of 40 centimetres for this species in Queensland altiveelis recreational fishers are restricted to one fish each 1.

In captivity, however, the fish mature at a smaller size; the minimum recorded size for female maturation is Cromileptes altivelis Plum pudding cod Also: Other Physical Features bilateral symmetry Reproduction Barramundi Cod reproduce by means of protogyny, which means cromilwptes is sequential hermaphroditism in which an individual transforms from female to male.

To cite this page: Algivelis of the greasy grouper Epinephelus tauvina F. While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control.