Cranio-Vertebral AnomaliesDR. ANKUR NANDAN VARSHNEY IMS, BHU Varanasi. Cranio vertebral anomalies- overview -. 1. DR. SUMIT KAMBLE SENIOR RESIDENT DEPT. OF NEUROLOGY GMC, KOTA; 2. ANATOMY OF. The craniovertebral junction is the most complex of the axial skeleton, residing between the skull and the upper cervical spine. Congenital, developmental, and .

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This apical segment is usually about 12mm in length, but can be very small. In basilar invagination, there is crowding of structures in the small post. Deformities involving the facet joints between atlas and axis may give rise to rotatory dislocation. J Neurosurg Spine ;1: Careful exam reveals a small hypoplastic odontoid at the upper border of the body of the axis. Thus the atlas may get invaginated.

The odontoid base fails to fuse with the axis. J Postgrad Med ; Down’s syndrome lax joints.

It is also the site of the medullo spinal junction. If it goes on for years vascular damage may happen with no recovery even after adequate decompression. Abnormal mobility in flexion may cause transient neural compression resulting in sudden transient deficit and occasionally Lhtermitte’s sign. Some have recommended methylmethacrylate use.


This is called basilar impression or secondary basilar invagination. Anlmalies anomalies are defects of development, not necessarily congenital and may not manifest at birth. The wire retains an interposed only bone draft. A bizarre developmental anomaly of the occipital bone and upper cervical spine with striking and misleading neurologic manifestations. Upper and lower motor neuron palsies Cranial nerve palsies Cerebellar symptoms Epilepsy Intellectual disability Always associated with encephalocele.

Craniovertebral anomalies.

Proatlas remnants were identified in 8 and atlas assimilation in 92 patients. CVJ anomalies that decrease the volume of the posterior cranial fossa e. The abnormalities may have a familial occurrence. In one series they affect children and young adults primarily. It could be partial or complex and may restrict occiptial movement.

The anterior type has a short clivus horizontally placed, with the anterior lip of the foramen magnum invaginated anmalies relation to the spinal column.

The axis has a fully developed center cranioevrtebral the second sclerotome anomalirs form the caudal part of the body and articular facets. Yale J Biol Med ; The transverse ligament may be basically in- competent or become so after a minor trauma. Is syringomyelia pathology or a natural protective phenomenon?

Articles Current Issue Ahead of print Archive. This was the beginning. Treatment of basilar invagination by atlantoaxial joint distraction and direct lateral mass fixation.


Mostly fatal in early infancy For those that survive: Vertebral artery injury with transarticular screws letter. Such deformities cause only a neck tilt and pain without craniovsrtebral deficit. Vertebral artery in relationship to C1-C2 vertebrae: Surgical treatment for Arnold Chiari malformation associated with atlantoaxial dislocation. Goel A, Sharma P.

How to cite this URL: Quantitative anatomy of lateral masses of the atlas and axis vertebrae. It occurs in 0. In course of time the dislocation may become fixed leading to progressive deficit. Clinical science The craniovertebral junction CVJ is composed of the occiput, the foramen magnumand the first two cervical vertebrae, encompassing the medulla oblongata and the upper cervical spinal cord. Smaller number present with neck tilt, neck pain, cough headaches, occipital cephalalgia without any deficit.

In the absence of strong reasons to consider embryological basis, traumatic theory is more rationale. Encroachment into the spinal canal may also occur due to formation of the abnormal bone masses around the CV junction.