: Cradle to Cradle: afval = voedsel () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. het visionaire boek Cradle to Cradle: remaking the way we make things, dat in Nederland werd uitgegeven onder de titel Cradle to cradle – Afval = voedsel. Shari Habraken & Mirte van den Boom Cradle to Cradle: afval = voedsel Onderzoeksvraag Hoe kan het C2C-principe in praktijk worden.

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This book is idealistic and unrealistic, but that bottom line above still stares us in the face and in the end something must be done, or it will be the end. The authors attack all recycling as “downcycling” and criticize most energy-conscious building models.

Additionally, we flush chemo, hormones, and other medicated effluents into our waterways from our homes and hospitals.

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Right now, we as a society are locked into a false choice between the standard capitalist notion of “progress” and the standard environmentalist notion of “sustainability”.

A tree produces thousands of blossoms in order to create another tree, yet we consider its abundance not wasteful but safe, beautiful, and highly effective. It deals with the topics of how goods are manufactured both from the perspective of how we expect them to be made a cradle-to-grave mentality, if they even last that long and how the manufacturers cater to a population satisfied with disposable goods.

With this book, McDonough and Braungart open our eyes to the way to genuine sustainability by the study of nature and mimicking her ways. Dit scheelt Ford jaarlijks miljoenen dollars, terwijl op het dak zelf al na vijf dagen de eerste plevieren broedden.

Eco-effectiveness, on the other hand, is about redesigning products and services to make them good – bigger and better in a way that replenishes, restores and One of Cambridge Sustainability’s Top 50 Books for Sustainability, as ia for by our alumni network of over 3, senior leaders from around the world. All products need to score well in all three criteria voedswl they can be satisfy McDonough’s and Braungart high but just set of design criteria.


One where the cradel ‘lifecycle’ is from ‘cradle’ to ‘grave’ – a product is made and when it dies it goes ‘away. I’ll continue to downcycle my junk until it’s possible to, uh, upcycle, even if that merely postpones the apocalypse instead of preventing it.

I learned so much from this book. Finally, the chemicals involved in the creation of either kind of paper remain in the environment long after the paper fibers themselves decompose.

What the text lacks in eloquence, however, it makes up for in tactility. Wouldn’t it be cool if packaging was designed to be tossed into your yard, decompose in weeks, and maybe even contain a wildflower seed that would germinate?

The authors argue that this extra design effort can be economical for businesses when you consider the overall cost of manufacturing. Rather than seeking to minimize the harm we inflict, Cradle to Cradle reframes design as a positive, regenerative force—one that creates ti to delight in, not lament. They arranged the publication of the book in the polymer material in China. I also found the notes section at the back of the book to be a little lacking.

I also thought voedsl the book did get a little repetitive at times, but when it was making new points I always cradel them to be very insightful. McDonough and Braungart write with audiences in business as well as from the ecology and social justice camps in mind, and the several groups will find a careful and measured approach that does a great job of pursuing the middle path while still offering a substantial and cradke vision for future ecologically minded design.

Cradle to Cr Pretty much as advertised — a screed in a good way against the normal cradle-to-grave paradigm of consumerism and short-sighted product design. Unfortunately, the capitalist paradigm under which we live actively discourages “eco-effective” design practices.

That we would need huge technological advances before we could make any changes. Tre anni fa avevo assistito ad una conferenza di uno degli autori e avevo trovato questa idea dell’upcycling veramente geniale e leggere il libro non ha fatto che confermare la mia idea di partenza.

I am far more interested in learning more about the manufacturing process now than I used to be. The ideas of designing production and products so that there is minimal or no waste, and multiple processes can benefit from each other is certainly elegant and timely.


Aug 29, Jennifer rated it liked it. I first learned of McDonough–an architect with an amazing, cavernous mind–when I read a sermon he delievered at the Cathedral of St. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Jul 15, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Americas Sustainable Development Foundation Company. This is a groundbreaking book that should be the Bible for the Second Industrial Revolution.

Home About Help Search. The authors chose to make a recyclable, “treeless” book from from plastic resins and inorganic fillers. Acknowledge the failures and shortcomings of their own examples, for Pete’s sake. But it’s their designs for buildings that are especially wonderful. Be more like ants and cherry trees.

They pretend to be pragmatic and define five compounding steps for a company to take on the path to their ideal of product design and craele, but the steps glaze over why a company would care about any of this to begin with.

And I for one want to go there. Bottomer line – we have to change just about everything that we do. As an actually “good” alternative, they made their book out of some sort of inert plastic polymer that can be indefinitely recycled.

Cradle to cradle : afval=voedsel

Good design in an environmental sense has been nearly dead for over one hundred years and McDonough and Braungart are trying to revive it. Het huidige milieudenken spoort aan tot aafval, hergebruiken en recyclen’, ofwel: Everything can be designed to be disassembled and safely returned to the soil as biological nutrientsor re-utilized as high quality materials for new products as technical nutrients without contamination.

It is a FREE and modern web-browser which supports the latest web technologies offering you a cleaner and more secure browsing experience. Great ideas and examples of where the good design thinking had succeeded.