A CPGZ file is a Compressed UNIX CPIO Archive file. Learn how to open a. CPGZ file file, or how to convert CPGZ to PDF, ZIP, SRT, etc. I was emailed file that I really want to open but when I try to unzip it only creates file then or anotherzip. I’ve tried. Last night, I downloaded a zip archive of freely-distributed MP3 files, and when I double-clicked it to decompress it, all I got was file.

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This is a great tip but I have an older Macbook and the newest version of the Unarchiver does not work. November 23, at 4: February 14, at 5: Downloaded Unarchiver and solved the problem…. Jun 23, 9: For example, say I want to download a. June 13, at 9: Mail will not be published required.

Terminal helped me unzip the TheUnarchiver app. The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: October 22, at 2: June 30, at 9: This seems to indicate that the files had downloaded OK, and the problem lies elsewhere.

Ran terminal which ran a while and did not unzip the the file. June 12, at 2: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

How to Open a Zip File That Turns Into a CPGZ

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. It only happens with one particular server, otherwise I use this method routinely with other win servers with no problems.


Either this file is not a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. The name of the file had no extension. Common archive format that can be extracted with any archiving tool. When I experience this, I usually just use Terminal: August 28, at January 25, at 1: Mar 18, 8: The new file would be where your is operating, which is usually the home folder.

Anyone have better luck with this?

CPGZ File Extension – What is a .cpgz file and how do I open it?

I didn’t think of it at the time – and I have since deleted the archive – but the cpio command would probably have worked via Terminal as well.

Jun 17, 5: You can run pwd command to see your current location in terminal. ZIP file is compressed archive container that contains archived files, compressed in ZIP compression format. Enter any file extension without dot e. The unzip from command line option did the trick for me. March 30, at 4: I downloaded a 4 gb file several times, and tried two different browsers, safari and firefox.

Downloading from another browser worked. A zip file extension is associated with the WinZip compression tool. October 22, at 1: July 3, at 1: Somewhat older format, yet still used. July 26, at 4: I’m downloading from a business website and it should work, but it’s probably created by a Windows zipper and not easily openable by me [using Leopard] – this is the very first time this has happened.


The file is not corrupt as cpbz as i can tell, or incompletely copied, some sort of bug or mismatch created by this sequence of events is responsible. Tried to open files in BBEdit to see if there anything — the “copied file” displays nothing, not even gibberish I would have expected! Programs used to perform the conversion from cpgz file to zip format.

can’t open .zip, only starts .cpgz cycle – Apple Community

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. I tried with differents appl and always I get a cpgz file Suddenly had problems opening a zip file with archive utilities, spent hours on it, read this very informative article. September 21, at 9: It works in much the same way as the default Archive Utility, only running when an archive is encountered, which it quickly decompresses then quits again. To start c;gz conversation cpyz, simply ask a new question.

Thanks so much for this! December 17, at July 19, at To be specific, I was downloading IE I have OS X