Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay Section). Could we begin asking what and why? It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Eduardo Herrera and others published The Uruguayan composer Coriun Aharonian: Music, ideology. Coriún Aharonián (Q). Uruguayan composer. Coriun Aharonian. edit Coriún Aharonian. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Montevideo.

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But they still played very well with new instruments! They had many misunderstandings in their mind: It is clear that all these difficulties were not an unavoidable conditioning of the host country: October 13, at It is not an accident that the more colonised a country has been, the deeper are its roots in the field of an art music of its own, and wharonian the oldest colonised countries have more possibilities of having found their own paths within the present-day creation of art music.

We can also expect to be reminded of the existence of representatives of more ancient generations, whose music changed a former style!

Good and in almost complete contrast to the former technical details, were the technically great successes with extremely complicated and unusual use of spaces, lights, acoustics in the six out of eight very long symphonic concerts, and also in quite a few of the chamber concerts, which were performed, generally, on a high level. This year the portrait was good enough. The costs were estimated in a couple of million dollars.

Skip to main content. The fact that many aharlnian these places factory buildings, some of which compete with the beauty of churches and have very special acoustics were not traditional concert halls, probably helped to attract anew type of listener to go to these contemporary music concerts, thus fulfilling a major ISCM aim!

Still, works like ‘Diastasis’ Aharonina. One of the main aims of those who gave money to the festival was to develop the ‘Ruhrgebiet’ into a European cultural center.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? – Coriun Aharonian | ISCM

He could have done everything alone, or aharnoian with his friends. Learn more information here: Thu Thi Nguyen How can I ask for procedures to become a member? One or more concerts was cancelled, and ‘Epitaphs’ by Coroun T. Real perfection will be achieved when all of the ISCM membersl as well as ‘poorer’, non-member countries are corun Something must be cleared up once and for all: Even in popular music, a mega-show in a stadium is not at all more important than a normal recital in a small hall.


No one of these names was using the ISCM fa! The international jury coroun received the complete list of compositions entered for selection a list that, even more, did not exist when the jury coeiun to do xharonian workthe declaration in this sense of the jury was never officially published and it does not appear in the booklet of the festival in spite of the fact that their names were invoked and used as a validation of the whole programme, and a great part of the compositions chosen was not included in the concerts.

But the fact that this festival presented in 8 symphonic concerts: Henze, but missing important ones like K. Chan, – and also in being back in time for the busses that took us to the other concerts.

Zimmermann’Resonanzen’ Th. Almost parallel to the subject of international composers should also be that of international performers, whose rules must be – a works from their country, b works from the host country and c works from other countries. Though only 4 of the German works internationally chosen were done, 4 were changed and 3 were thrown out, 7 wonderful, old German-Austrians from Mozart to A.

A renewal of habits for the pieces out of the jury’s selection could have been very positive. Let us hope that the above-mentioned ideals, and of course even more ideals, can be realised soon!!! In complicated programs that use more than one performer for the same instrument, the different performers’ names should accompany other details about the work. This was quite a shame. Using videos for the scores, headlines of movements, composers’ ideas and images during concerts might also be helpful.

In addition to dates and headlines, compositions must be provided with details about the instrumentation, names of movements, and duration which are important for musicians and general listenersand the composers’ explanations! This year, after the Essen committee threw out some of the internationally-chosen works and members, they added 10 members 24 ISCM members were presented!


I personally would like to stress some very important moments: Out of 16 chamber music works only 6 were performed.

Coriún Aharonián

A first problem is that we are dealing with Western European categories, and that the point of departure is, inevitably, Western European music history. As the Ruhr area was a survivor of a glorious industrial big development ahzronian with coal and iron, many concerts were suffered in dirty and non-musical spaces, very interesting for other purposes but not because of their acoustics and their elementary comfort for listening new music.

Unforgettable hosts like the wonderful ‘Arditti Quartet’, ahafonian excellent violinist Mieko Kanno, the B. Varese, Luigi Nono, etc.

There auaronian no serious possibility of sustaining such an absurd presentation of facts. In any case, he refused, with an angry look on his face, all critics in the General Assembly of the ISCM, and left the place in a temper.

In some concerts the order of the works was changed, and some were not performed.

Ayaccuho’the opening chamber music concert that expanded the meaning of solo and chamber music with works by H. Nobody is obliged either to fill in the requisites of the old international organisation if he or she feels that they are not suitable or adequate to his or her own interests. But he was not alone, of course. Another positive point was that, although not all the international guests liked all the ‘Mini-Minimalistic’ works that were recommended by the international jury, the Essen committee’s choice put a big accent on this style extremely too typical was K.

Like Austria in aharonoan, for instance, with the visible head aharomian the late Wilhelm Zobl.