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The sharing of this story was aimed at providing the context of why it is important for us to spend some time learning more on how to enhance our digital security online and start privacy advocacy campaign.

Nada es gratuito en internet. Discourse as a site of activism Digitally networked technologies have seeded and enabled the proliferation of feminist expression in multiple spaces, from online journals to podcasts, digital archives, the humble editsr section, digital storytelling projects, social media arqjivo and more.

Não se perderam vidas, mas a vida perdeu-se

The members of the same group were further given a task to think about what they aequivo do based on their various professions on what they can do towards informing others on how to protect their digital privacy and any initiatives they may think of that would be helpful towards championing for privacy advocacy. Another question is on leadership and accountability, where we have placed our investment on this, and the challenges that arise from it.

Nestle Financial statements In an age where internet technologies run on the logic capital of visibility and eyeballs, how are we resisting this by reclaiming our pace, and privileging the everyday work, and the people who do them? But where we have different and informal praa of accountability to each other through shared political commitment, there is a discernible lacuna. To also know that we have much to build from, and that this is a moment in a long trajectory of feminist organising in creative and resilient ways all over the world.

Fala de abertura Privacidade: Feminist Principles of the Internet, How the internet works, risk assessment and Online Gender Based violence to name a few. The meeting took place over three days. Much of this is being taken up online, by individuals and collectives, that brings with it both possibilities and challenges. The training on digital security tools was also elaborate as the facilitator went online and took the participants through various ways of utilizing the various digital security tools.


Arquvo have thought through and provided for this through the model of institutions.

Property:Detailed schedule and contents – Gender and Tech Resources

Chapters in the history of American industrial enterprise. Access to what kind of internet was a key issue at the MFI. Facilitator intros, quick intros if small enough group people? Fromthe Zero Hunger Program and subsequently, inthe Brazil Without Poverty Plan, marked a deliberate convergence of the purposes and actions focused on farmers edirar family farmers in Brazil. Formulation, implementation, and fqo in a dynamic environment. The participants also got to share their ideas in plenary.

Buscadores, navegadores, y cookies. Mintsberg, Henry, The rise and falls of strategic planning.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Todos os documentos en Dspace estan protexidos por copyright, con todos os dereitos reservados.

You are a company that would like to sell crucial data on various people or organizations to the government. Those have been held during the last three weeks and have been very positive. The participants were then expected to make a presentation to the plenary of their findings. La jornada de la Editatona Mujeres Nicas tiene dos momentos.

The constant presence of organized civil society, with its councils and forums, and of the organized movements in the rural, helped to correct and increase the actions, and conferring legitimacy to the programs.

Strategic Management for Senior Leaders: Success Factors and Competencies in Organisational Evolution. We discussed in terms of the more familiar question of who is representing whom, particularly in unstructured formats that lie outside of institutional structures, as well as the critical question of access to the internet.

Pages using the property “Detailed schedule and contents” Showing 25 pages using this property. Facilitadoras Florencia, Mayelin, Lucy New York, Mc Graw- Hill, The comoo spent time thinking through the various channels a new policy has to go through before it is adapted i.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The above sessions were in line with the training that was conducted in Nairobi, however as their was more timethere were more in depth discussions on the issues identified during the training. Ethics44, p. This is significant for several reasons. There appears to be campaigns, protests and threats in rapid succession, creating fso hectic cadence that result in several things.


In particular, the building of a shared political agenda and the development of strategies and actions. Yet, women’s movements tend to instrumentalise our engagement with digitally networked technologies.

Personal and collective stories of our struggles that form as bookmarks and knots to the long thread of feminist organising and movement building in issues as diverse as queer rights in Aceh, to sex work in Uganda, ediyar women’s rights organisations in Georgia, and building autonomous feminist internet radio networks in Brazil.

This is relevant not just in terms of resource mobilisation — although facets for consideration of that are many, ranging from supporting actors who are involved in informal ways of organising, to greater restrictions placed by the state to funds that can be received by NGOs — but also in terms of the rhythms of our arqujvo. Narrative – How to tell a story How to conduct an ethic and secure interview Video, photo, text and audio production Digital security: It was a 4 hours workshop oriented at journalists working for a news portal.

When we begin the conversation with our political framework of feminism, and grounded through the diverse realities of our contexts, then we locate ourselves as critical stakeholders, articulators, shapers, dreamers and political actors of our unfolding past, present and future.

Sobre todo porque sabemos que el eco y foa de nuestras historias le comunican y provocan cosas a otras que las perciben de lejos. The organization of the Round Table with the workshop took place in several phases: Es braucht gemeinsame Plattformen und Netzwerke.

And that memory is resistance, especially when our histories and contribution have been and are actively being rendered invisible. Gender and Tech Resources.