FOR WHOM. In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any financial advisory. CMFAS M5 Exam Guide. Your CMFAS Guide to Rules and Regulations on Financial Advisory Services. Test your M5 Knowledge. The CMFAS Examinations are the licensing examinations for the capital markets and financial advisory services in Singapore. After successfully completing the.

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Anurag August 1, at 8: The cost of the questions are well worth the money spent. Anonymous August 6, at 2: Know Your Client The following information should be collected from the client: Important Forum Advisory Note.

CMFAS M5 – Institute of Singapore Project Management

Pages Home About Me. Chapter 8 – Money Laundering.

Dear QNS users, we have suspended the use of our third-party chat application due to the detection of malicious hacking activity rated “Dangerous” by TrendMicro. Thank you for the Questions Exam Portal referral – quite useful actually!

We endeavour to revert to you within a hour window.

A financial adviser should highlight the following in writing to its client: Insurance Broking Premium Accounts Financial advisers which receive any insurance monies are required to establish and maintain a m55 account with a bank licensed under the Banking Act for its life insurance broking premiums.

Configure Server Roles and Features Chapter 4: Interest earned, which is due to an insurer under a contract of insurance including a contract of insurance that has been cancelled where cover commences before the appointed day, may be retained by the cmfad adviser for its own benefit. Lvl 1 – Accounting Basics. Thank you in advance. Additional content, and quick links are created.


Posted by David at 7: Do you mind helping me by sending me the mock paper as I am struggling quite abit. The MAS may, if it thinks necessary m expedient in the public interest, issue written directions. The difference between Notices and Regulations is that Notices specify in more detail the standards expected of financial advisers in the conduct of their business.

Because Guidelines set out general guidance and good practice, they do not create any legally enforceable obligations or duties. And also would very appreciate if you have any notes that could share with me. However, a licensed representative may be a representative of more than one financial adviser if the financial advisers are cmtas corporations.

If a financial adviser receives commissions from a product provider on investment products sold on behalf of the product provider, it should disclose to the client the amount of commissions it receives on the investment products it recommends. Chapter 2 – Financial Advisers Act.

Anyone took m5 paper? –

Objectives of MAS Conduct monetary policy; manage the official foreign reserves and the issuance of government securities Supervise and develop the financial sector Acts Administered by MAS: Mister Exam does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness or completeness of such information or materials and expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions.

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Adding to this list would be the list of relevant articles at Questions Exam Portal http: When advising on a collective investment scheme, a financial adviser may disclose orally to a client any information on past or future performance contained in the registered prospectus of the scheme if and only if such disclosure is made at the same time as a copy of the prospectus is given to the client, and the financial adviser: Tan November 21, at An exempt person and its representatives shall not represent itself, nor cause to be represented, as being licensed, regulated, supervised or registered by the MAS, whether verbally or in writing.


No mark will be awarded or deducted for any wrong or blank answer.

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Anonymous November 29, at Information and materials contained in the Site are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. A licensed representative shall disclose the following, in writing, to the client: They are intended to provide general guidance and are meant to be good practice which would apply generally across the financial advisory industry. Notices also known as written directions are issued under Section cmas of the FAA and are legally enforceable.

I’m taking my exam on the 12th and im gng to start studying tomorrow! Really need M5 mock papers. Objectives Of LIA development of the life insurance business in consultation with the supervisory authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore; development of industry practices; and promotion of public awareness of life insurance.

FAA deals with representations by a financial adviser in relation to a proposed contract of insurance with the insurer. A financial adviser should ensure that none of its employees or representatives fmfas into any arrangement with an introducer to carry out introducing activities other than on behalf of the financial adviser.

I’m taking my exam next week. Anonymous June 7, at 9: It shall also ensure that it does not omit to disclose any matter that is material to the statement or representation made.