How Not to Look Old has ratings and reviews. Melissa said: Charla Krupp’s overall concept is maintenance whether it is in hair, makeup or wardrobe. Fashion-and-style expert Charla Krupp is not one to mince words. “Aging sucks,” she declares in her bestselling new book, How Not to Look. When Charla Krupp published her how-to manual in America at the beginning of this year, entitled How Not To Look Old, there was something.

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I bought this book in a time of angst. Each chapter goes into much detail on what to avoid and what to do. How Not to Look Old: Instead, I wear flats, which I admit are bad for my feet.

No charlw could get through the cloud made by the chain-smoking of 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Settling for comfort over polish is tto. I don’t bother with anything unnecessary for hygiene, so that means I have no energy to apply various products except shampoo and toothpaste. Listen, I’m not someone who thinks everyone is beautiful.

I would love to see a new edition come out because the charlla itself truly is timeless. I wish some pictures were with the shoes styles as I’m not familiar with a name style alone.

Charla Krupp’s How Not To Look Old: The ageing debate gets ugly

The worst chapters are skin care including leg careshoes and teeth, because there she implies that only spending gobs of time and money will yield any measurable results. I think this cbarla a great read for any woman who wants to look cahrla little “younger and hipper” I’m not exactly the target audience of this book yetbut it was some good advice to keep in mind at any age e. To the eyeliner and Check! I should probably be doing highlights in my hair, coloring in my brows, and wearing a small amount of jewelry.


Senna Cosmetics Oold kit and fill in with brow powder and brow mascara. And can somebody tell me what’s wrong with skin-colored stockings? Are you talking about plastic surgery? It’s like hair color: To go get your eyebrows professionally plucked, even if you just do it once, is not a big deal.

How Not to Look Old: Author Charla Krupp – TIME

It will make a difference, because the eyebrows can be an instant facelift. Are you high, medium or low maintenance A brief, high, medium or low section is also used in most of the subsequent chapters.

I don’t agree with some of the eyewear suggestions here, but to each their own. It is Thanksgiving in the USA. Instead, I wear flats, which I ad Holy cow I am a walking mess! Tame those brows Check! Jan 04, Susan rated it really liked it.

There’s also too-old vs. How not to look old, fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and 10 times better, by Charla Krupp.

How not to look old – a book review

Nov 06, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Busy dress doesn’t go with necklace AND earrings and busy purse. The modern way of dressing hiw no room for matchy-matchy. Each chapter and the back offers suggestions of products mentioned and some not mentioned and where to buy and prices from department stores, on-line and mass retailers Target.

Step into sexy heels The author gave some excellent tips on shoe styles, nt, pedicures. Aging sucks, looi isn’t it just reality?

While she does hit the mark about what potentially looks aging, it’s a one size fits all approach. Charla Krupp No preview available – At first, I was going to say that this book was the work of Satan but that would be an insult to Satanists. I thought this was a useful book to read and browse through.


It gets one star for being funny, and one for being educational because I had no idea there was such a thing in the w So I didn’t really read this whole book, but I’m done with it. It sounds like a lot of fun despite all the extra work.

I understand and appreciate women who have silver hair, and I think ot they can look amazing, but it’s such a luxury to be able to go gray. Everything this book is telling me not to do, I already do. What kinds of skin procedures can we do that are not surgical?

Jun 12, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: Even though I may need it! Motherhood only has one year on chaela so far, but I look at least five years older and feel about a decade older. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. The four-star rating is based on the above. Looking old is not bad.

Buy a satchelful of make-up and, after trying it all on, keep only the ones they like and return the rest to the store. You can also buy products for coloring a few gray hairs yourself she recommends products.

Organize closet by color, and piece by piece. And it’s all so superficial: