The black capuchin, (Sapajus nigritus), also known as the black-horned capuchin , is a capuchin monkey from the Atlantic Forest in south-eastern Brazil and far. Change in taxonomy. The species Sapajus nigritus was previously classified as Cebus nigritus or Cebus apella nigritus. Most information regarding S. nigritus. Cebus nigritus. Kingdom: Animalia. taxon_id: Phylum: Chordata. Class: Mammalia. Order: Primates. Genus: Cebus. Species: nigritus.

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Cebus nigritus

Cebus Gracile capuchin monkeys Kaapori capuchin C. New York, Scribner, p. Cao-vit crested gibbon Nomascus nasutus.

Females reach sexual maturity at the age of four, while males usually become sexually mature a few years later nihritus. Communication within groups consists of bodily, facial and vocal communications.

Retrieved from ” https: Marshall Cavendish, New York. Historically a wide ranging species, its numbers are now declining rapidly, and although exact population numbers are unknown, it is now relatively scarce outside of large protected areas 1.

Glossary Gestation The state of being pregnant; the period nigrritus conception to birth.

Black capuchin

Least bittern Ixobrychus exilis. Mechanisms csbus be found or enacted that will allow the application of fines to dog owners that permit that their dogs enter conservation units.


Diet of free-ranging cats and dogs in a suburban and rural environment, south-eastern Brazil.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Black Capuchin. X Close Image credit. Black-horned capuchin range The black-horned capuchin occurs in southern Brazil and north-east Argentina 1. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 15 1: Linares I ; Guilherme L.

The black capuchin was originally named Cebus nigritus or Cebus apella nigritusand while this has been changed, a lot cebuss sources still name the black capuchin as part of the genus Cebus.

The specimen measured This is the first confirmed record of predation by domestic dogs in this reserve, yet data from a study in the same area indicates that the domestic dog is the most frequently recorded mammal species, which suggests that it is common in the area.

The animal was debus and had several puncture wounds over its body. Domestic dogs in Atlantic Forest reserves of souh-eastern Brazil: Hence, it is clear that the domestic dog is very common and widely distributed in the park. Wikispecies has information related to Black Capuchin. Rodents of Unusual Size. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed.

Allonursing in tufted capuchin monkeys (Cebus nigritus): milk or pacifier?

The black capuchin is a social animal. How to cite this article.


It likes to live in groups, usually consisting of 6 to 20 members, and is hierarchal. Journal of Tropical Ecology Terms of Use – The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your niggritus to Arkive’s online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only. Brazilian Journal of Biology 68 4.

This is due mostly to habitat losshunting, and the pet trade, [8] however the species has been observed to be able to survive in fragmented and sparse areas of canopy. Predation occurred in an area of well preserved native forest m from the nearest forest edge. Atlantic Forest; comensal species; conservation units.

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