CCAutoSoft is a special designed software for internet cafe, cyber cafe, netcafe and cafe internet where this program has full control in billing, managing and. Currently, CCAutoSoft support 4 categories of usage rate (manual). 1. Flat Rate ( FR). There is no minimum charge in this category. So, a customer will be. In the user’s manual we try to help you to understand how to use this CCAutoSoft can totally disable the keyboard and mouse while the.

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Even if the Winlock user is not an expert, there should be no problem. Almost every aspect of Winlock is configurable, from the way you are notified of changes to what appears in the start menu and which drives you want to hide.

Review the installation setting and click Next. Even if the Winlock Professional user is not an expert, they should have no problem.

Click Finish then restart the computer. So, the possibility is that many invalid registry files and program files are left in your system and hard disk. Please know that Windows registry is the most important central base of your computer.

Most computer programs are installed with its build-in uninstaller that can also help uninstall the program. For instance, if you are managing computers in a library, you may want to block file sharing sites on the internet, ccautisoft the computer from being locked, and hide the control panel.

Otherwise, your system will be crashed.


A powerful and stable Internet Cafe management software to control your Internet Cafe. It’s time to cut down your bills!

SmartRest – Sistema de Restaurant 1. If some files and ccautosift of the program are still left in the system, that means the program is not completely removed and uninstalled.

i cafe manager software free download for Windows – Softonic Search

Therefore, manually editing registry could be very time-consuming and risky. It’s very easy for me to understand your uninstall steps. Analyze the performance of team member based on its report. Then change back to Standard account after installation finish. Download iCafe Manager 4 in Softonic. Of course the registration is free. Allow a customer to order items from a terminal. Thank you for your support all these years ! The ePOS till and website are managed from one admin area. Setting for Internet Explorer to disable download and “save as”.

Winlock Professional is a staggeringly complete program designed to prevent prying eyes from modifying, viewing or configuring elements of your computer that you would prefer them to leave alone. Once you chose the user account you want to protect and a master password, you can move through the various parts of the program, restricting access, hiding elements and remotely administering use of your computer.

The software is absolutely FREE, no payment, no banner, no advertisement, no donation. The program is also suitable for home use, but if you need it in the privacy of your own house, you should ask yourself a question – why am you letting people you trust so little use your computer?! Delete CCAutoClient folde manually. Are you searching for an effective solution to thoroughly get rid of it off your PC?


Most known Openbravo POS bugs have been fixed and enhancements to hardware options, additional reporting and localization. At the mean time, you could download the software old version below. It provides powerful instant restoration technologies, and friendly remote management function. Sysme Pos is the result of more than 10 years of experience developing software for hospitality and retail businesses.

In the post-paid mode, GCM Client displays the time spent along with the updating price of the session. Accept the aggreement and press Next button.

Secure your data and actions providing your customers and employees with different security roles. All with a lot of data, we can ccauutosoft or options to consider in the interests or business requirements. Some invalid files may be left in system registry and folders.

In enterprises, education institutes, cyber cafe and government agencies, administrator can use the remote console ccautosoftt centralized LAN management interface to execute instant system restoration, create new restore point, file transfer, send instant message, schedule function, remote control and all system configurations.

Uninstalled!CCAutoSoft Completely Removed

Page 1 2 newer. Both of the above uninstallation methods are the most common methods for people to uninstall CCAutoSoft 3. In addition, we take complete control of sales, stores, products, reservations, inventories, cash transactions, purchases, returns.