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Alina is his whole world and atadutas scoffs at the stories that his father-in-law tells her which encourage travel and marriage. He entered the kitchen: Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Tell me, at least, when you arrived.

Tears began to fall over her immovable hands. Her mother often went down to the market with all the village women that made a living from the daily sale of few eggs, of a handful of beans. And she rested there, drinking fresh and bitter wine. The only curiosity can be the one of knowing what day of the week the luck is going to touch me. The rivers attracted her since she was little, even before ever having seen one.

The house was inhospitable at those hours; his bones felt like they were creaking. And she, what would she do if that happened? He coughs a lot. Those days they had spoken so much about the same things, they no longer had anything to say. She felt trapped, spinning in misfortune on a dizzying wheel.

In the evening, when she left home, it seemed to her for the first time in her life that she had something to hide. So many windows, so many lives, so many stories. It seems that you resent me, that I bore to you. Learn to speak in an orderly fashion.


And it was sunny. They live in Buenos Aires and my uncle has opened a bar. And, without knowing why, as time passed she related, mostly, to the look of a lamb had they were raffling that night.

The stars were already out. Can we turn off the light? A few meters away, near the crossroads, he recognized the priest who was coming up, mounted on his donkey, towards the other road to the parish.

No one knows what will happen around here this summer. She imagined, without knowing why, the first thing that Eloy was going to do was take her hand and say he loved her; perhaps even kiss her. His head held low and his hands shaking.

She looks up and is going to pay the waiter, who is watching her affectionately. Gaitte year we are going to have fun. On the easel there is a half finished canvas. While I speak, I am still alive, and I leave something to the rest. You crammed them in the house like annoying animals, was impossible at any extent to live like that.

You’re looking for a fight. But either, like now, this kind of atauras in knowing that she was headed in another direction, she could escape this fate that tormented her. An overwhelming silence, that intoxicated, fell at noon down over the mountain. They left behind the meadow where they had buried grandpa.

Alina, in the top of a cherry tree of the orchard, was telling him stories about the boy tending the cattle. She struggled with that feeling of relief the thought of him leaving generated. He was friendly, and spoke with a certain superiority, but at the same time not at all like a girl. They made broths and stews, crushing the flower petals in an empty can, the bits of roofing tile used for pepper, the grapes pulled off the bunch.


She also saw car,en bent over the ground gathering potatoes or pineapples. It is called a river at any rate: The whole room was swimming with them, was sinking, twisted, in that shoddy mirror, dirty from fingers and flies.

What could happen to him?

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Alina was a very sound sleeper, but she was the only one who went to console to him, sometimes, when she awoke. Plum trees, pear trees, apple trees, cherry trees and a fig tree, in the middle of everything. She comes up to the Notre Dame plaza, and crosses it towards the river.

When they finally rescued it, it rubbed up against the legs of everyone and looked at lss with sorrowful human-like eyes. gaitf

Las ataduras

But speaking, speaking, revitalized his eyes and made his voice stop quivering. I am in a hurry. Eloy that afternoon missed work to come speak gaie Alina and said it was all the same to him, because he already planned on quitting.

They remained together until dawn, until she was able to see him confident again, driven away the helplessness from his cloudy eyes that seemed to want to go beyond the night, seeing a trickle of light crack through. Other great and flourishing countries would have them, without a doubt; but they would be the same.