condón, diafragma, esponja y capuchón cervical—son barreras físicas que impiden que los espermatozoides lleguen al óvulo. Los métodos de barrera no son. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘capuchón cervical’. del cuello del útero cervical abortion aborto cervical cervical canal conducto cervical cervical cancer cáncer cervical cervical cap capuchón cervical cervical.

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Anticonceptivo de emer gencia: He or she may confirm that the cervical cap is in the correct position by doing a pelvic exam.

capuchón cervical – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

The cervical cap is a reusable, deep silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina and fits tightly over the cervix. La esponja es menos eficaz en las mujeres que han dado a luz. These images are a random sampling from a Bing search on the term “Cervical Cap. Insert the cervical cap into your cefvical before sexual arousal to ensure proper placement. Search other sites for ‘Cervical Cap’.


Introduzca el diafragma dentro de la vagina. The cervical cap comes in different sizes.

Картинки: Capuchon cervical anticonceptivos

Separate your labia with one hand. Back Links pages that link to this page. Infecciones que se propagan por medio del contacto sexual, por ejemplo: This difference is due to the fact that the vagina and cervix are stretched by giving birth vaginally, which means the cervical cap may not fit as well. Mechanism Thimble shaped device fits snugly over Cervix Develops slight suction to prevent cap dislodging Prevents sperm entry into upper genital tract Spermicide provides extra protection Spermicide not required contrast with diaphragm.

Always use the cervical cap with spermicide. Si el diafragma se ha movido, considere usar un anticonceptivo de emergencia. Puede comprar condones que ya contienen un lubricante a base de agua.

Apriete los lados de la esponja hacia arriba y alejada del anillo en la parte de abajo. Insertion of a cervical cap Before sex, the cervical cap is inserted into the vagina with spermicide.

Efficacy Overall failure rate Contraceptive failure in the United States. A medical device with a small rubber cap that fits over the cervix to block sperm from entering the cervical os.


File:Cervical – Wikipedia

This content does not have an English cevical. Among various benefits, the cervical cap:. Barbieri RL, et al. Cervical cap A cervical cap is a reusable rubber cup that fits tightly over the cervix.

Women’s Health Care Physicians. Search Bing capuvhon all related images. En casi todos los casos, hay pocos efectos secundarios o incluso ninguno. Gynecology – Contraception Management Pages. Be careful not to scratch your vagina. No vuelva a usarlo nunca.

Your crevical care provider may discourage use of the cervical cap if you:. Condones preservativos Hay dos tipos de condones disponibles: Una pulgada, aproximadamente, del extremo abierto debe quedar fuera del cuerpo. Se tiene que usar con un espermicida.

For example, you may get pregnant when using the cervical cap if:.

Hatcher RA, et al.