Fill Pdf Filter Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable ca Form Online is not the form you’re looking for? Search for another. Fill ca form afsz instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. Try Now!. CA Page 1. HMRC 10/ Information we need to send a statement of National Insurance contributions. About this form. If you have downloaded this form.

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Add a Poll to this Thread. Translator, Interpreter in Tokyo: Otherwise what are the rights available in the UK who are transferred to France, ie not much. You may not post new threads. Consult our FAQ made by the most frequently asked questions and specific terms of expatriation.

Find more expat blogs with BlogExpat. They are better as they are for longer periods. It’s difficult to say what my wife does G, I just called and was told to go to www. And under EU law France has to take into account your work history in the UK when considering your application chomage, so that will be why they are asking for the U1. I am in the same situation as you guys, trying to sort out the forms that the Deutsche Rentenversicherung want sounds like this ca is what I need and also thinking about whether I should be paying class 2 or 3 National insurance contributions in the UK.

It is better However, having reworked at least a day or 4 weeks in France to get benefits that hold the road. There is still alot of chasing to do with attaining some of my old payslips, and getting all the docs and paperwork in order, which is alot! Maybe you go to CPAM? What should you include in an Expat Contract?


Ufficio Corrispondenete Consolare

What are the European E-forms for unemployment? I thought he was told that it cannot be transferred maybe Cz3916 misunderstood. I have a further question, regarding German and British pensions – it would seem to me unlikely that I can work in Germany for a certain year and have that count towards a German state pension and meanwhile pay NI in the UK and count the same year towards a Fofm pension. Bit baffled what you’re doing, but you can download a form that you can use to apply for a form U1!

Last edited by dmu; Dec 7th forrm 2: Please note your claim will be decided using fofm other country’s rules: But as I understand it, the amount you would receive is based on your recent contributions in France only, and is time limited, only contributions within a certain period prior to your application will be taken into account. What is a Pension Plan? Originally Posted by bicks. This article was translated by an automatic system, ie without any human intervention.

Find More Posts by Garonne. What we need to get info on is how to get a record of qualifying years. Jan 23rd1: Thanks for link MrG, really helful. These periods therefore rorm not appear on your insurance history. Normally this number is issued automatically when you start working and paying contributions.

Having read your previous post from Aug it seems that you have worked for a French employer, so you will have a social security number, you just need to ask for it. Find More Posts by EuroTrash. BB code is On. Fork anyone know anything about how that works?


So called that number again and was told that only the German authorities can apply for E, all I can apply for myself is form ca I would think if you have not had a response within 10 days it is time to get in touch and find out what is going on. How to set up a company in the UK? Anyone done this before? The form ca is the one you need for the NI contributions statement if you are a UK national anyway.

MrG I just called the pension forecast people and was told that years at uni do not count just college, hope you are right though but who told you that? Easy Expat offers such items in addition to those made by translators.

Will let you know how I get on Page 1 of 2 10 items. Any help greatly appreciated. Posted 26 Mar Do you need to set up a company if you are contracting in the UK?

UK NI contributions / pension statement

Renting a house in Geneva area Ghana: How do I apply for a social security number in the USA? Do I still need to fill a tax form if I become a British Citizen? Dec 7th4: