HP BladeSystem c-Class Infrastructure QuickSpecs: The c enclosure is 6U and holds up to 8 HP c-Class server blades: Up to 8 half-height server blades . QuickSpecs. HPE BladeSystem c Enclosure. Overview. Page 1. HPE BladeSystem c Enclosure. HPE BladeSystem c Enclosure – Front View. HP BladeSystem c Platinum Enclosure QuickSpecs: add c Platinum power supplies, Active Cool Fans, a c DVD drive, and if needed.

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BladeSystem was removed from Step 3. HPE Basic 3Ph 5.


Select rack power distribution for installing the enclosure in to. Overview and Related Options sections were update d. Select optional enclosure options. Hard drives have either a one year or three year warranty ; refer to specific hard drive QuickSpecs for details.

The full – height, single – wide partner server blade must be installed in the lower bays 3 and 7 and half. Please see the QuickSpecs for Technical Specifications and additional informati on. This firmware release may also require other subsystem.

Configuration Information and Related Options sections: Noise em issions were measured in.


From Version 37 to Uninterruptible Power Systems – Rack. SmartStart Web site at: Power is delivered through. All blades within a single HPE. A full – height, singl e- wide server blade may be mixed with half – height ex pansion blades in zone 2 the upper zone of the.

From Version 59 to This is option contains one quicspecs – height device blank and a coupler that can be us ed. Supplies from Step 2 of the Configuration Informatio n Factory. Power Supply Kit and Note to section.

BladeSystem is not com patible with the c enclosure note was. Interconnect Bay 1 must contain one of the Eth ernet capable interconnect. Service and Support section was completely revised. From C300 53 to This kit should only be ordered to replace lost or damaged blanks.

From Version 27 to Each enclosure zone can support up to 1 full – height, dou ble wide server blade, up to 2 full – height, singl e – wide server blades, or up to.

Network Storage Servers was removed. Max imum Peak Power. HPE Factory Express offers configuration, customization, integration and deployment services for Hewlett. For detailed interconnect options cons. Expansion blade population best practices for half. Overview, Pre – configured Models and Configuration Infor mation.


HP BladeSystem c3000 Quickspecs

Page 6 The HP BladeSystem c enclosure has the flexibility to scale from a single enclosure holding up to 8 blades, to a rack containing 7 enclosures holding up to 56 blades, the c-Class infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Guide” for more information on the use, installation, and removal of bay dividers. From Version quickspeca to Personalized online support portal with access to info rmation, tools and experts to support Hewlett Packard.

Changes made in the Related Options section. Minor edits were made within the Quick Specs. HPE Ins ight Control.

Overview, Configuration Information and Related Options sections. Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers one of the broades t selections of interconnect fabric options in the i ndustry. Up to four Dsb storage devices c an be supported in a single BladeSystem.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will provide HPE – supported replacement parts and materials necessary to maintain.