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Red deer are heavily hunted in the designated red-deer-free areas in Bavaria to facilitate natural forest regeneration. The variable national parks was the least important factor considered in explaining the distribution of red deer 5.

Das Jagdrecht in N R W : G Recht :

To use bag statistics as an index of population trends, researchers must acknowledge that hunting bundesjagdgsetz may not only depend on abundance but also on hunting effort [ 17 — 19 ]. Therefore, wildlife managers may want to consider bag data from citizen science led monitoring programmes as evidence supporting the decision making processes.

Also at the regional level these challenges have mostly been addressed by the quality of the data. Starnberger SeeAmmer See.

The variable forest is the percentage of forest within a m radius around the centre of the triangular transects. European ungulates and their management in the 21st century: Even if the general objectives of hunting laws across Europe are similar, in practice, these laws can differ among countries because of differences in the regulation details and enforcement [ 31 ].

Short and long term bird migration patterns may also affect trend estimates, e.

Eurasian lynx hunting red deer: Support Center Support Center. This is especially the case when fixed surveyed periods are set, like the IWC weekends [ 5051 ]. Because understanding of newly emerging factors regulating distribution and abundance of bird species e.

Amer Geophys Union Eos. Notify me of new comments via email. Competition, habitat selection, and character displacement in a patchy environment.


Bundesjagdgesetz by Outlook Verlag (Paperback / softback, ) | eBay

This case study has demonstrated that in the case of missing IWC data, bag statistics may be a good indicator for trends in abundances. Abstract The Bohemian Forest Ecosystem encompasses various wildlife management systems.

Despite these issues, data quality may also be critical as both monitoring schemes are based on data collected by hunters and bird watchers. Therefore, it can be expected that across country borders, the outcome of wildlife management could differ greatly, even in the same ecosystem, resulting in different densities and distributions of the hunted animals.

Budnesjagdgesetz, in all of the seven Bavarian regions, trends in annual indices of both data sets correlated significantly. Another region contradicting the overall trend is the course of the River Main in the north of Bavaria.

The entire study area covered 3, km 2 Fig. The overlapping sector is, however, very small at about 0. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The judgment in Chassagnou a. In contrast, red deer density was higher in the Bavarian Forest National Park than in its surroundings.

Besides obvious advantages of gathering data from large areas it is also generally assumed that the collected data may have weaknesses connected to methodological bias. Published online Jun The region South-western Bavaria is strongly influenced by the rivers Lech and Iller.

Eastern Low IWC On the other hand, IWC analyses are more liable to be influenced by these relocations because the chances are small that geese will shift to another area that is also being monitored. Comparable to the overall situation, trends in IWC and bag indices of the regions 4, 6 and bundesjagdgessetz correspond well. Supporting Bundezjagdgesetz S1 Dataset Data table. Seasonal migration pattern and home range of roe deer Capreolus bundesnagdgesetz in an altitudinal gradient in southern Norway.

Francethat was later confirmed in Schneider v.


Herrmann v. Germany (GC): the importance of precedent and Strasbourg ‘micromanagement’

Second, in Bavaria, red deer that migrate to traditional winter ranges at lower elevations outside of the national park will be shot due to zero-tolerance policy for red deer outside the designated red deer areas [ 35 ]. Table 1 Summary of the final zero-inflated model for predicting numbers of red deer pellet groups.

The city itself also provides many suitable habitats for waterbirds, bundesjwgdgesetz the main wintering area for the breeding population of Lake Altmuehl [ 27 ].

Annual changes in roe deer Capreolus capreolus L. Habitat selection of both red deer and roe deer was significantly influenced by the amount of forest, consistent with our prediction.

The total economic value of threatened, endangered and rare species: As a result of our practical knowledge such monitoring schemes need to fulfil several preconditions to provide data that can be used to identify trends bundeejagdgesetz populations: This buundesjagdgesetz post was written by Ingrid LeijtenPh.

A Red deer pellet groups; model parameters are provided in Table 2. Dezember GVBl S. In contrast to our expectations, protection by national parks was the least important variable for red deer and the third important out of four variables for roe deer; protection negatively influenced roe deer distribution in both parks and positively influenced red deer distribution in Germany.

This study was part of a project on the predator-prey relationship of the Eurasian lynx, roe deer and red deer carried out by the Bavarian Forest National Park Administration, Department of Research. This knowledge provides the opportunity to set up diverse hunting regulations for areas of different wintering abundances.