The Bujagali Dam is the “best long-term solution” to help reverse Uganda’s power problem, according to the project’s director, Glenn Gaydar. Ugandan environmental and rural development organisations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop the construction of the Bujagali dam and. The once stalled Bujagali dam project is back for the second time on the project developer, Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL), is seeking financial support from.

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Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development [9]. It is estimated that the lake catchment supports about one-third of the total population of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Ugandan environmental and rural development organizations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop this dam and redirect the Bank’s attention toward developing renewable energy options that would make electricity more affordable and accessible to the majority of Uganda’s citizens.

Human rights lessons from the Bujagali dam in Uganda – FIVAS

Compromising farmers’ right to save and sell seeds. The quality of the soil in the new place should have also been considered. Forwarded by Global Response.

A photoblog by Marjolein van Rijn Inthe bujagalj forest around the community of Kasepuhan Karang, in Java, Indonesia, was transformed into customary lands.

Support the Save Ram Crusade by urging the World Bank to finance a full assessment of energy alternatives for Uganda. Everything about us, without us? At the request of indigenous peoples and grassroots organizations, Global Response organizes international letter-writing campaigns to help communities prevent environmental destruction.


These projects had their own funding arrangements. Log in or register to post comments reads.

Because they are so clean, they can be built in the middle of agricultural land. UPOV 91 and trade agreements: An Open Letter to States and Development Financiers on the need to ensure that development interventions support the realization of human rights, safeguard human rights defenders and guarantee meaningful public participation.

Report on Bujagali Dam ignored by World Bank

With these newly acquired land tenure rights, the community has started bujagall to use their land in a sustainable and inclusive way. This is the UN’s highest environmental honor, given to six of the world’s most outstanding environmental change makers once a year.

This is not sufficient according to international law.

The resettlement and compensation of affected people was expected to be completed by December The private company BEL was responsible for implementing the project. The dam was nevertheless approved by the [government] and the international financial institutions, and construction started, ignoring the outstanding concerns.

Both ENDS and its partners will continue to monitor these plans and lobby to make sure lessons from the past will be taken into account.

What information do suoport look for in Pambazuka News? Children from one of the villages that were forcefully moved because of the Bujagali dam.

Geologists, zupport and engineers test to locate underground areas that contain geothermal water, to learn where to drill wells. The challenge of high expectations in Liberia. These people had a right to be compensated for the loss of their property. Thank you for your help in this campaign. Whereas power from the dam would surge into the grid all at once providing more electricity than Uganda would be able to utilizegeothermal power can be brought online incrementally, as demand increases.


Centre for Public Impact

Geothermal heat originates at the earth’s core, where temperatures may reach over 9, degrees F. Both ENDS works with partners around the world to ensure that land is governed fairly and inclusively and managed sustainably with priority for the rights and interests of local communities.

In Tanzania and the Netherlands signed a treaty only known to a few; a so-called Bilateral Investment Treaty aimed “to extend and intensify the economic relations between them and to stimulate the flow of capital and technology and the economic development of the Contracting Parties”. Retrieved 14 November Globalizations Special Forum on Samir Amin’s proposal for a 5th international.

What this means for the community in terms of livelihoods and food security, became clear during a field damm at the start of the Global Land Sup;ort