bsnl inplant training report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NOIDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, has successfully completed six weeks Industrial Training in BSNL at Jammu. It is my esteemed pleasure to present the training report. I had a golden opportunity of getting industrial training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (Govt. Of India.

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Second, monitoring the operation of the first, ready to take over in a. For broadband connections, different colored tag blocks are provided.

Computer Inplznt Chapter 4. This enables fast exchange of information and avoids complicated links and wiring between various units. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. ISDN services are the most widely used carriers to transport the bulk volume of data.

There are three components of exchange: Each tag block is divided in 4 Segments. Each Row has 10 tags. C — DOT Exchange.


Integrated Service Digital Network ISDN is a digital phone connection technology that provides both voice and data services over the same connection. The data handling A single module cannot handle the entire process. It is basically a computer system, which manages the whole process of WLL service. Charging advice implant The system is capable of providing charging advice either in real time or inplantt the end of the call.


It can be defined as a class of very small aperture Intelligent Satellite Earth Station suitable for easy on-premise installation, usually operating in conjugation with a large size HUB earth station. The refrigerant then passes trough the evaporator coils, which extract heat out of the ambience. For capacity more than TR, centrifugal compressors are used. Different inlpant have different architectures of switching call routing and other features.

Whenever a caller asked to be put through to Strowger, calls were deliberately put through to his competitor. Broadcast feature on satellite communication.


The gas discharge protector essentially consists of two tungsten electrodes sealed in a special glass envelope containing a repot of inert gases, mainly neon. Flexible service carrying data, Telex. The slowly charging of the batteries is known as the trickle charging. Handling or processing call means to ultimately establish a connection in a switch between incoming line niplant outgoing line. Cellular is one of the fastest growing and most demanding telecommunication applications.


For capacity more than TR, centrifugal compressors are used. We think you have liked this presentation. Today, it represents a continuously increasing percentage of all new telephone subscriptions around the world.

GD tubes are connected in parallel while Electrical fuses are connected in series. Later he dial this number, he has to only dial short code. Above more than 3 laces employees, officer and engineers working in BSNL at present.

Bandwidth utilization Bandwidth utilization is the wise use of available bandwidth to achieve specific goals. One vertical has 10 tag inplaant.

Case-II Quit bsnk few numbers of telephone reported dead: Where use any invention for the welfare of society but some uses for the satisfaction their disturbed mentality and to earn more and more money whether it may be harmful for the society. National internet backbone All the part from vertical side to the subscriber are generally called outdoor section.: All telephone subscribers inplat served by automatic exchanges.

In case of faults, switch over takes place automatically.