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Testing of channel shaped glass Part 5: Glass in building – Mirrors from silver-coated float glass for internal use Part 1: Glass in building – Coated glass Part 1: Glass in building – Structural sealant glazing. Wired patterned glass Status: The walls of the test room should be painted with a dark non-reflective paint having a diffuse reflection 0, Search the circular spot covering the defect which conducts to the elimination of the spot fault image on the screen.

[BS en 572-2-2012] — Glass in Building. Basic Soda Lime Silicate Glass Products. Float Glass

Float glass Part 3: Your basket is empty. Specification for observation and gauge glasses for pressure vessels BS Glass in building — Special basic products.


Patterned glass; Part 6: View the pane of glass, and note the presence of visually disturbing faults. Glass ceramics – Definitions and general physical and mechanical properties Part The glass or ej containing the spot fault is placed at mm from a projection screen, in the light beam of the projector.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice

Your basket is empty. The glass sample taken, with a length, H, between mm and mm and a width, B, of 3 mm, is split into four. The distortion is measured in zone D and zone d as shown in Figure 3.

Supplied and final cut sizes This page deliberately left blankBSI is the national body responsible for preparing British Standards and other standards-related publications, information and services. Wired patterned glass; Part 7: NOTE 1 For greater accuracy, a calliper could be used instead of the plastic distortion gauge.

Borosilicate glasses – Definition and general physical and mechanical properties Part This European Standard Glass in building Basic soda lime silicate glass products consists of the following parts: Equivalent products may be used if they can be shown to lead to the same results.

Table 4 Critical viewing angles Nominal glass thickness Angle in zone D Angle in zone d mm degrees degrees 2 45 40 3 and greater 50 45 5.


Guarded hot plate method. Dimensions and edge finishing Part 6: Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. For further information on 5772-2 subscription products go to bsigroup. RevisionsOur British Standards and other publications are updated by amendment or revision. Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass Part 1: Glass in building — Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass Part 1: Table 1 Tolerances on nominal thickness Dimensions in millimetres Nominal thickness Tolerances 2 0,2 3 0,2 4 0,2 5 0,2 6 0,2 8 0,3 10 0,3 12 0,3 15 0,5 19 1,0 25 1,0 4.

Table 2 Limit 572–2 the difference between diagonals Dimensions in millimetres Nominal glass thickness, d Limit on the difference between diagonals Jumbo sizes Splits H, B 1 1 3 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 10 3 4 5 8, 10, 12 10 4 5 6 15, 19, 25 10 5 6 be For oversize plates, the manufacturer shall be consulted for tolerances on dimensions and on the difference between diagonals.