Lower elevations are generally forested by White Spruce and Subalpine Fir. A pattern apparent in many valleys is intermittent-to-closed forest cover of White. Mean annual. BOREAL CORDILLERA ECOZONE. The mountainous portion of this ecozone includes valleys filled with glacial till and glaciofluvial sediments. Cordillera/ Boreal_Cordillera_Ecozone_(CEC).

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Mammals of the area include black-tailed deer, black and grizzly bears, mountain lion cougarfisher, raccoon and American pika. Other commercial activities include noreal power, water-oriented recreation, tourism, and commercial and subsistence hunting, trapping, and fishing.

The Boreal Cordillera ecozone is located in the upper midsection of the Rocky Mountains. Most of the uplands that are surrounded by these waters codrillera to the terrestrial Northern Arctic ecozone. The Pacific Maritime ecozone extends in a thin zone along the Pacific coast.

Boreal cordillera

Because of poor drainage and accumulating organic debris, the soils are acidic and of the wetland type. External Links Atlas of Canada Access a wide range of regional, national, and international online maps at this the National Resources Canada website. Some materials originated from old lake-bottom deposits lacustrine and others were derived from former sea-bottom deposits. They thread themselves around an extensive matrix of islands and never become an open ocean with vast expanses of water.

Reptiles and amphibians are absent, while insects such as mosquitoes abound. Many towns have developed around the rich natural resource base.


Plants of the Boreal Cordillera Ecozone

Typical shrubs include dwarf birchwillows, Labrador tea and heath. As the name of the Taiga Shield implies, this landscape nearly 14 per cent of Canada, or about 1. Article published February 21, ; last modified March 04, Cooking Lake at Elk Island Park. Summers are warm and relatively short.

The western coastal forest is composed mainly corfillera western red cedarwestern and mountain hemlockDouglas fir, Sitka spruce, yellow cypress and alder.

Along the nutrient-rich alluvial flats of the larger rivers, white spruce and balsam poplar grow to sizes comparable with the largest in the boreal forest.

Boreal cordillera | Geoclass Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Elias Mountains have perpetual ice and snow cover. The rarest trees in Canada — such as sassafras, tulip tree, sycamore and cucumber trees — are native to the southernmost tip cordillra this region. Ecological Stratification Working Group. At lower elevations, bedrock and the debris from frost-shattered rock covers the foot-slopes of the mountains. The Boreal Cordillera ecozone, covering sections of northern British Columbia and the southern Yukon, has a Pacific Maritime influence that moderates temperatures over most of its area.

Some operations related to petroleum reserves are present.

Much of this area is covered by deposits of glacial moraine. Underlying the surface are largely horizontal layers of sedimentary rocks.

The coarse-textured soils, rocky areas and warm summers all combine to dry forests and to make them prone to widespread fires.

Few birds stay the winter. At higher elevations, mountain hemlock forests and, ultimately, treeless alpine communities replace the coastal forests. McGill UniversityRedpath Museum. Millions of birds come north to nest in places like Old Crow Plain.


It takes special measures to build on the taiga because of permafrost. Taiga is derived from a Russian word that generally refers to very open and stick-like forests. In the eastern portion of the ecozone, balsam fir is often the dominant species, but the challenge is to protect it from spruce budworm a native pest that can be destructive during major outbreaks long enough for the trees to reach rotation age or a size at which they can be harvested.

The Boreal Shield is the largest about 20 per cent of Canada, or over 1. The abundance of water attracts hundreds of thousands of migratory birds and provides important habitats for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Boreal Cordillera

At a certain level trees no longer survive, although a wide variety of flowers is seen. In the sense of nutrients, these soils are of moderate quality. In combination, the ice and mountains provide some of Canada’s most captivating scenery.

Bison are mainly confined cordilpera park reserves. Living organisms may include plants, animals, insects and bacteria, while the physical environment encompasses rocks, soils, climate and water.